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The sun beamed into my eyes as I woke up. I slowly rose from my bed. I rubbed my eyes, getting the sleep out of my eyes.

I got up and got a few clothes and a towel and went to my bathroom to have a shower.

Midway, through my relaxing shower, I realised I had to do a video with Sapnap today. I quickly rushed out of the shower and quickly put my clothes on. I wore some legging and a white Dream smile hoodie.

I sat into my gaming chair and turn my PC and checked Twitter and checked my notifications.

@ twsapnap
"hey @ (Username), u ready for the collab??"

That was about 2 minutes ago. I replied to the tweet and said

@ (username)
"@ twsapnap yea, go onto discord and we can discuss there :)"

I logged into discord and DMed sapnap

hey are u ready to do the vid?

mhm! im just getting obs up

ok, I'll do the same :)

I got set OBS up and went into Minecraft.

We both got set up and joined the world.

"So who's gonna be a hunter?" Sapnap asked.

"You can be the hunter if you want" I suggested.

"Okayy, I'm gonna start recording now." Sapnap said.

"Alright, I'll do the same."

"Kay, I'm recording." Sapnap responded.

At that moment, I decided to do what Dream does. I quickly made my character run away from Sapnap.

"Y/N?" Sapnap questioned

I stayed quiet.


I laughed as I made my character mine a tree, I was able to get 2 wood before I saw Sapnap's character running towards me.

"Hehe, I see you, Y/N" Sapnap snickered.

"Noo, go away!" I whined as I ran away from Sapnap.

"This is gonna be one of the shortest manhunts." Sapnap cooed

"Well, I guess we'll see about that..." I mumbled as I ran away.

I saw a ravine and thought I could punch him in. I ran towards to the ravine and went into F5 mode to see if Sapnap was following me. Surprisingly, he was. He may not have noticed the ravine and was focusing on trying to get me. I did a jumped across a small gap in the ravine and quickly placed the 2 logs I got from the tree on ledge of the ravine.

"NOO!!" Sapnap yelled.

I laughed as the death message came up in chat.

Sapnap fell from a high place.

"Well, it's not THAT far, I can still catch up to you." Sapnap said. I broke the 2 logs, making them into a crafting table and sticks. I quickly made a wooden sword and saw Sapnap charging towards me. I broke the crafting bench and ran. I had an idea that I could make him run after me for a while for before killing him, making me have a better advantage.

I ran about a hundred blocks ahead before turning around I hitting Sapnap twice with my wooden sword.


"Hehe, I made it once you died the first time. I've just been making you run on a wild goose chase." I said has I ran after Sapnap who had now ran away from me considering I had the better advantage.
Sapnap has gotten slightly stuck in a tree, making me able to get a few hits on him.
I laughed as I heard Sapnap's aggressive clicking on his mouse as he tried to defend himself with his fist.

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