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The next day, something strange happened, the teachers were back, the principal was back too. How strange. Joe was there too but instead of being fussy and grumpy, he was smiling and laughing!! How suspicious. He came up to me and said:" whats up? Are you busy this Friday?" I said:" No why?" He replied:" Just to have an old pal over that's all." So I said that I would try to come and he said:" perfect".

On Thursday night I asked my parents if I could go so they said:" Of coarse honey no problem". and then they smiled. I was eager to know why my parents were so humble, usually they fight and argue. Very weird. That  night I was planning on what to do if Joe was really a mutant. On friday morning I heard the doorbell ringing. Strange I was supposed to come at 2:00pm. I opened the door and there Joe was, starring at me and smiling at the same time. Whats going to happen next?

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