no missing letters

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My parents were outside the school gate, screaming my name. Joe kept an eye on each of us. I got scared and tired so I raised my hand slowly and asked if i could go. Of coarse the answer was no. I asked why he was here then he said:" I have been sent by Modara, my master, to keep an eye on you, that's what I know". I was surprised that he obeyed his masters every command. A letter slipped underneath the door. I didnt know who it was from and who it for. Joe got up and picked the letter off the floor. It was for me. He handed it to me and said" Read it out loud so I know what was written". So I read:

Dear son,

What happened. We were screaming outside the school gate but you never answered. Come home as soon as your done with what ever you are doing.

Love: Mum and Dad

My heart hurt. My mum and dad would never send me a letter like that. I felt so touched for a while but then Joe snatched the paper and ripped it! I grabbed his throught and chocked him. He had no breath to move, so he fainted. We were done for now. I safely returned home and lay down on my bed. I instantly fell asleep. I know Joe will wake up and come after me. I know it.

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