Our last summer part 3...

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PS- note for people who know me...this is not me at all. slightly, but the scenario is different. just how i would react...but slightly animated. you know what i mean.

:) thank you for reading


Isabella's mom pulled her into the living room. Her expression looked concerned, like she had found out that Isabella was an official lunatic.

Isabella raised her arms. 'What? Why are you looking at me like that? Just tell me.' Her mom sighed, and sat down.

'Bella,' she said calmly. 'your dad's company has moved to another spot. You know how they do. So were going to move to somwhere in North America. Somewhere on the West coast.' I looked at her, horrified.

After a few seconds of staring at her, she managed to croak out,

'Wh-what? Why? What about my friends...and your friends? And...' she thought desperately, grasping at straws.'school? I don't want to move!' she knew that she sounded like a little kid, whining about a lost toy.

'Honey, we already made the choice. We can't just back out on it now...youll make new friends, find a new school, and learn about a new province. If it's any reassurance-'

She cut her off, sick of her talking to her like one of the kids she babysat.

'I don't want your reassurance, thank you. I want my friend's reassurance. Anyways, you could have talked to me about this before. Maybe before you could have thought about me as your daughter, not a piece of luggage before you decided to move to the other side of the frigging country!' she said, and stormed out of the room. Her mother sighed and walked dowstairs.

One week later

'SAAAAAAAARAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! NO! NO! DON'T LEAVE!' Zoe squealed as she ran down the stairs, desperate to smother her cousin, as if that would keep her there.

I, who had sank into a depression since my mom had told me about the move. I stepped forward, and gave a lame hug to Sara, even though it would be the last time that I would see her for the next...two years? Three?

I sighed when she looked at me, sending me mental sympathy.

My mom was also stiffly ignoring me, which was a pain because I was close with her. I walked out of the front hall and into my room. I fell onto my bed and turned on my iPod, blocking out the noise of my loud family downstairs.


My real family were my friends, excepting Sara and Zoe.

The small print on the 19th, Tuesday. Only three days to go.

We were going to Vancouver, I had found out recently. I always wanted to go to Vancouver. I wonder if we're ever going to come back to Ottawa.

Probably not...

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