Chapter 1

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I shut off the recording machine after packing my stuff up.

I then ran out of the building, what I had been calling home for the last few months.

I saw Steel run out, running in the opposite direction.

I started moving, being stealthy.

I saw the giant robots start following Steel and once they were a safe distance away, I started running to our meeting spot.

Once I reached the spot, a broken fountain in the middle of the town, I sighed.

Time to find a new home. Again.

As I waited, I eventually saw Steel running towards me.

He stopped in front of me and I pet his metallic fur.

Y/n: good job. Now let's get searching

We started walking and I saw robots, a lot more than normal.

So I unsheathed my katana, before stealthy killing them one by one.

Once we were in the clear again, I then heard the ground shake and saw someone get flung past us.

The person, a girl, was sent a good distance so I whistled.

Y/n: Steel, fetch

He then ran after the girl.

After a good 10 minutes, Steel returned with her.

He laid her down gently and I bent down, looking over her.

I looked over her body, seeing she had minimal injuries.

But even then. No heartbeat.

I scanned her with my eyes, before it said she was an android.

I looked at Steel before pointing to a house close by.

Y/n: well, whatever flung her can't be too far. Steel, bring her into that building and guard her still she awakens. I'll look for whatever happened to her.

He nodded before grabbed her gently in his teeth.

I then started walking to where she came from.

After a minute, I saw a guy wearing similar clothes, trying to fight on of the massive buckets of bolt. Alone.

I pulled out my gun, taking aim and firing.

I unloaded my clip, hitting the robot in the head area and it looked at me.

I reloaded, before I kept shooting.

It then changed at me and I activated my exosuit.

It tried to punch me, but I Jetpack jumped over it and onto its arm.

I unsheathed my katana before running up it's arm, cutting away at the wires and metal.

I got to it's head area before stabbing right through the steel and into its core.

It started to malfunction, still trying to swipe at me.

I then reached into my exosuit pack, pulling out two grenades.

I grabbed me sword, pulling it out of the head.

I pulled the pins, dropping them into the hole I created before jumping off the robot.

I heard explosions happen as I hit the ground with a massive thud.

I looked up, seeing the boy pointing his weapon at me, his bot thing looking at me too.

Y/n: kid, put ya weapon down

???: where'd 2B go?!

I thought for a moment before snapping my fingers.

Y/n: ah, you must mean the girl who was flung away! Eh, don't worry. I can bring ya to her

He looked at me confused, or I think he was, I couldn't tell under his eye wear, but he nodded.

I saw another on of the bot/drone things follow us and I could only assume it was the girl's.

As we neared the house I told Steel to wait in, I heard loud barking.

I ran forward, into the house and saw Steel and the girl, who I could only assume was called 2B, in a stand off.

Y/n: Steel, yield!

He looked at me before sitting.

2B looked at me before pointing her sword.

Y/n: ya might not want to do that

2B: why?

Y/n: you attack me, Steel rips your throat out. If you attack Steel, I rip your throat out. Plus, I don't feel like fighting ya after we helped you and your friend

She looked at me, before lowering her sword.

I whistled towards Steel.

Y/n: come on Steel. Let's go

He barked before bounding towards me.

As we started walking off, I heard the Boy speak.

Boy: where are you going? And who are you?

I stopped.

Y/n: well, my names Y/n, from what i know the last human. My friend here is Steel, I built him. And we go where the wind takes us

2B: wait you're human?

I nodded and kept walking.

Y/n: don't try and follow me right now. Cause I know this place like the back of my hand


I looked at the human as he walked around the fountain.

The fountain then observed our sight of him as he walked to the other side, but he didn't appear.

I walked around, but he was gone. As if he just vanished.


We walked through the ghost town after disappearing from those Android's sight.

Y/n: alright Steel. Let's see where we might be able to live

He barked in agreement.

Alright, that's the first chapter. This was just to get into the book, kinda show Y/n and Steel's situation of life. Hope you enjoyed and have a good morning evening or afternoon

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