Veiled Falls

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Today started out like any other day. I woke up at sunrise with the other Zoras and had an appetizing breakfast of sizzlefin trout with bright eyed crabs. Seguin always seemed to possess the most savory fish in all of the Domain. Thank Nayru for his shop or I wouldn't know where we would all be by now. Probably resorted to eating Hylian bass. Those things taste extremely bland.

From there, Muzu came to take me up to the East Reservoir Lake to practice my swimming. I really didn't want to go. They were pretty boring and uneventful, but Muzu insisted I master ever single stroke until I could perform them in my sleep! It got tiring sometimes but Father always reminded me I was a Zora princess and soon, everyone would look up to me as their leader. The thought helped me to push forward in my more demanding tasks.

On my way to the pier, Dento approached me, motioning to come closer. I respectfully obeyed. You must always respect the adults, even as a princess. I scooted over to him and he bent down on a knee, whispering in my ear.

"I heard a certain Hylian boy, Link, will be paying us a visit today." He said with a warm smile.

My entire face beamed with joy at the words. Link was finally coming! The last time - well it was also his first time - Link visited us was over a month ago. I still remember like it was yesterday. Those deep, blue eyes and soft, wavy hair, at least that's what they call it were so memorable. Forgetting him was out of the question. We didn't do a whole lot then since his stay was short... how disappointing. The time just wasn't enough for us.

Nevertheless, I did my best to find out as much as I could out of the young Hylian. He was an extremely skilled fighter, especially remarkable for one of his age and stature. Those skills still impress me greatly. There were also some less pleasant realities like his... rather rough life. I couldn't fathom the idea of training like an adult from sunrise to sundown. No friends. No fun. It was harsh. I felt terrible for him.

Ah, but then, we became the best of friends that beautiful night. I still consider it one of my favorite memories. He was just so bold and captivating, I knew we would bond together quite well.

One month passed since then. One month and no news from Link whatsoever. We thought of writing letters to one another, but his father forbid such action. It was really disappointing. Adults can be such a thorn in life sometimes.... He did promise to visit whenever he was allowed, but I had no news of it... until now.

I gave Dento the biggest hug my little Zora hands could make and bade him goodbye as Muzu was calling my name out impatiently.

"Hurry along now Mipha! We don't have all day." He said gruffly and led the way.

I let out an annoyed sigh and shot a glance at Dento who winked at me. Dento always liked me. He said he was working on a special gift father had instructed him to make for me. No matter how many times I persisted in asking what it was, he wouldn't budge. Well, he had his reasons. He knew I had taken a liking to Link and so he always informed me on any information he could get his hands on.

I excitedly bounded off after Muzu who looked at me confusingly at my sudden change in behavior. The entire lesson went by abnormally fast after that. All my exercises immediately seemed easy, and I performed them all to perfection on my first attempts. Muzu was both astounded and perplexed at my alarming performance, but decided that all my practicing finally paid off. While that was a good thing, he will probably assign me even more difficult exercises now. Right now, I could care less about them.

"Alright Mipha dear, I guess that will be all for today." Muzu smiled. "I don't know what to say yet about your sudden spike in the exercises, but I am definitely most impressed. I shall tell your father about your improvement."

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