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He smiled. A sinister smile. A dangerous smile.

"They will have no idea what hit them" he whispered, his voice snakelike and full of evil. Next to him stood a small, hunched man with a ratlike build.

"Yes master" said the ratlike man. "Of course. Your ideas are always-" he continued.

"Silence. Enough sniveling" hissed the other man, his black cape blending in to the shadows around him. Around the two men were silver shdows. They both faced a backwards clock. Backwards, as they were inside it, staring out from the translucent clock face. Below them bustled a city. It could have been any city, in any country. And in a moment, they would visit many cities, in many countries. In many times.

And for 14 children, spread across many countries and times, their reality will come crashing down.

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