Chapter 1 - Heats (+18)

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"I am going to study to the library" I say, standing up from the Slytherin table.

Blaise and Goyle look up at me and wave me good night, I leave the Great Hall. Good. As usual, they doubt nothing.

I am used to lie to my friends, this has become my daily routine for a long time now. I take a look over my shoulder to check nobody is following me and walk a bit faster. I climb up the stairs and go straight to the second floor, to the girls' lavatory.

I enter the place and take my wand out. I have set a curse to the third toilet on the right. Anyone who wants to get in them is jinxed to think they are closed. I tap my wand on the door, mumbling a counter spell, it opens.

I close carefully behind me and kneel in front of the lavatory bowl. A smelly potion is resting inside of a small caldron, on the top of the bowl. I pick up the spoon that is laying on the edge of the caldron and stir the mixture.

I get a small, leather purse out of my wizard robe and open it. I take a pinch bit of the red powder inside of it and sprinkle it on the potion. It makes some smoke and it turns purplish.
I keep stirring and sigh. When Severus Snape was alive and was teacher at Hogwarts, he was making the remedy. My dad and him had a deal. Snape didn't reveal my... 'nature'... and my dad would provide prohibited and expensive ingredients for the Potions Master. Now that he is dead, I have to brew it myself.

Luckily I am rather good with potions.

This is so humiliating. Why did I have to be born this way? I huff air from my nose. My mom is an alpha, my dad is an alpha... All of my family members have always been alphas... Why am I born a useless omega?!

I take some vials and fill them one by one with my anti-heat potion. I shiver at the thought of someone discovering this. I'll be the laughing stock of the whole school!

If the Slytherins hear about it... I'm over. I managed to pretend to be an alpha all my life, I have to keep going, this would be a total humiliation if anyone discovers I'm... I'm some gruesome, pathetic omega.

I clench my fist. I won't allow this to happen. Ever.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

I step out the Quidditch Changing Rooms, my hair dripping with water. I am not in the team anymore, since 8th years have to let their younger classmates do the sport activities, but I enjoy a bit of broom training sometimes. Today I was alone on the field, I could fly as fast as I wanted, as high as I wanted, and I could let the air sting my face and feel my mind get lighter, lighter... until I forgot all of my trouble.

I might have pushed myself too much actually. I rub my shoulders, my body is aching... I gnash my teeth. I wish I was not that weak. I wish I was an alpha!

A sudden bang in my chest makes me freeze. What is this? I stagger, unsteady on my feet.

A wave of panic overwhelms me when I realise what's happening. Panting breath, heavy and loud heartbeats, my sight getting blurred...


I'm having my heats!

I hurry and slide my hand into my pocket. I always have a vial on me since I turned fourteen, when my heats started. I-

I look at the small bottle in horror. It's empty! It's bloody empty! The cork was not airtight, it fucking leaked! There is just one drop left inside of it! Shit shit shit! What am I gonna do?!
I stagger again. My room. I have to go to my room and get another dose of the potion. I dash and run towards the castle.

I'm breathing and sweating heavily, the gear in my mind turning at full speed. At this hour everybody should be outside in the park, enjoying the last rays of sunshine of the autumn before dinner. If I'm lucky enough, I won't cross the path of anyone before I reach the Slytherin Dungeon-

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