Epilogue : Alone No More

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"Link, are you sure your foot is okay? I don't know if it might've healed properly," Mipha said softly while massaging his foot with her glowing hands. That was so like her. Mipha liked to make a fuss over his injuries. It was one of her ways of showing her care and affection.

"My foot is fine sweetie, really, although another kiss would help," he replied intuitively.

Mipha's face lit up and smiled, displaying her beautiful, pearly teeth. He read her mind easily. She gently pulled his face to hers and they both kissed deeply. The feeling was beautiful. A sense of renewed energy and loved flowed throughout them. Mipha giggled gleefully as they finally parted from their loving hold.

"There will be more of those later on if you behave yourself, she teased as she pushed Link into the shallow water and pounced on top of him. He laughed heartily as Mipha enveloped him with sweet, tender kisses.

"Mipha! Since when have you become so seductive?" Link chuckled as he valiantly struggled to break free from her romantic onslaught. Mipha was quite strong for a Zora her size. She was starting to get good at this, better than him in fact.

"Ever since I fell for you sweetheart," Mipha cooed back while running her fingers through his silky hair. "Now I have someone to practice with." The Zora princess slid off him in a very suggestive manner and gave him a loving gaze. "I love you Link," she whispered shyly. "Not as much as I love you Mipha," he teased as he picked himself up.

The moment couldn't be any better than it was now. Being with the loving Zora of his dreams was the answer to all his long, tireless prayers. He was together at last with Mipha, and this time for good. A new future filled with hope and love lay ahead of them, eager to begin.

"We really should get going sweetie. I'm sure your father and the others are worried sick for your safety. I think everyone back home is gnawing in suspense," Link pointed out as he grabbed his Master Sword. Really, King Dorephan and the other Zoras must be impatiently awaiting their assumed arrival. He didn't want to keep them waiting in suspense, especially Sidon. The poor Zora must be on the verge of tears by now.

"Oh! I almost forgot about them!" Mipha cried in shock. "Father must be so stressed!"

"It's okay sweetie, we just got a bit carried away with our time here. We'll head on over right away," Link replied reassuringly and picked up the rather light Zora in his arms. Mipha giggled at the action and gave him a quick peck on the cheeks. His face blushed slightly and headed over to the Divine Beast's exit. As they approached it, the massive stone slabs brought back the unpleasant memory of his foot getting wedged in between them. The thoughts still lingered there... the excruciating pain sweeping up his leg. Mipha noticed his face and nipped his ear gently, breaking his concentration.

"Link, everything is fine now. It's all in the past."

He looked in her eyes and formed a heartwarming smile. Mipha was right. There was nothing to worry about. Not a moment sooner, the doors to Vah Ruta slowly opened up and Link stepped outside with Mipha and were greeted by the sun with its welcoming rays. It felt good to be basked again in its warmth. Not too far away, Ganon's monstrous roars could still be heard, the situation becoming obviously clear that not all was perfect yet. Although they themselves were fine, the mission couldn't be ignored. That however, was the last thing Link really cared about at the moment. He jumped off the platform and dispatched his paraglider with Mipha holding on from behind. She closed her eyes and allowed the cool breeze to blow across her face.

"Link... how did you know about me... about Ruta?" she said out of the bloom.

The question caught him off guard. He knew she would ask him eventually, but he didn't expect her to ask now. They slowly approached the pier which extended into the lake and gracefully landed on it without much trouble. Being on the ground had never felt so gratifying until now. Link took Mipha by the hand and led her to the edge of the platform. The waters around them were very calm today, reflecting the sun's rays off and giving it a sparkling appearance. It looked gorgeous, perfect to take a quick dip in. He sat by the edge and took his boots off, dipping his feet in the fresh, cool water. It felt pleasant and relaxing. Mipha joined him and rested her head on his shoulder, closing her eyes and smiling slightly.

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