Rule 101: Never wear a crop top

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George: 20
Harry: 18
Noah: 17
James: 16
Me- aka Grace: 13

Last week I was shopping with my friends and bought a really pretty crop top that I decided I was going to wear today seeing it was so hot. It was a light pink, off the shoulder crop top that stopped a few inches above my belly button and had bare armpits. Now you may be thinking this attire wouldn't go well with four older brothers but they weren't the protective type so at least that's something.
Anyway I was only 13 so this is the first type of crop top i've ever worn before so obviously my brothers were going to use it to there advantage. I was lying/sitting on my sofa watching a film, until James and Noah sat either side of me.
"You know, you are way too young to be wearing something like that" As Noah signalled at my top.
"Yeah, you don't know what people might do when they see you"
For some reason, despite having 13 years of this I did not see this coming and shrugged them off assuming they were talking about boys, it was only when I felt a firm poke on right. My head swiftly spun round at Noah who was "innocently" watching the movie. Against all judgement I ignored it and continued watching, until another sharp poke came, only this time from the right. I kept enduring pokes and jabs from each side, dodging and swatting each finger before another would dart to a different zone. Relentlessly, i squirmed and wriggled, attempting to cover my sides giggling helplessly before James and Noah decided it was time to full out torture me. James' fingers attacked my belly, violently driving his fingers up and down my mid-section.
I tried pointlessly to push his hands off but with no avail, the tickling just got worse. His fingers danced up all the way to my ribs, not missing one area. Just as I thought it couldn't handle it any longer, I slowly felt my arms being lifted above my head, and before I knew it, I was being pinned whilst 10 of Noah's fingers where drumming in my armpits. His cold hands pinched and fluttered in my hollows. My laughter hit a higher octave as a screamed at the top of my lungs, bucking to try and get them off.
"Hey Graciiieeeee, which one of us tickles you the best?" Noah teased, knowing full well all I could do was scream.
As if my luck couldn't get any worse, i heard footsteps behind me.
"Well, little miss Gracie, what has she done now?" George cheekily remarked.
"Someone picked a bad day to wear a crop top" Harry smirked.
George laughed and then said:
"Whoa whoa guys, you are tickling her sooooo wrong, your missing her worst spot" and with that as my belly and armpits were already being tickled he plunged his finger into my belly button, which my brothers like to call my 'panic button'. Electric shocks went up my stomach as I screamed of ticklishness. He got every crevice as he wriggled and twisted his pinkie around in my belly button.
"Aww someone's panic button still working then?"
All I could do was cry and scream helplessly with laughter, I thought they were stopping until Harry realised he wanted to be in all this chaotic commotion, so my false hopes were lost when I thought they stopped. I saw Harry mouthing something to my other smirking brothers but from all the tears, couldn't make out what he was trying to say. But I soon got the message when four mouths shot to my stomach and blew massive long raspberries at the same time. At this point I had lost the will to live and started begging and crying of laughter for them to stop. Then, as I was getting raspberries, 40 fingers dug into my stomach and belly button.
SPPPPPOOOOOTTT STOOOOOOPPPPPPPPPPP" the boys, looked up and saw my tomato face decided I'd had enough.
They all stopped while I got up, I attempted flatten out my messed up hair, and death glares at all four of them.
"I mean it is kind of your fault after all" George tried to reason. I looked at him questioningly.
"Well, you were wearing a crop top, it would have been a crime not to" Harry agreed.
At this point I bounced up from the sofa, the boys, sensing the playfulness legged it while I chased all four of them round the house.

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