Morning had arose and we were still in bed. I felt a hand on my waist, it was Al's. Who would've known we'd end up together after so much we had gone through.

" Go back to sleep babe" Al whispered.

" You know I love you Al....right "? There was a long pause until Al looked at me and grinned.

" I've always known that pipes, since the day we met at that bar. I fell in love with you from the moment I saw you ".

Al caressed my face, her touch had this effect on me I could not explain. It made me feel safe you know? An effect and feeling no one had ever given me. Smiling at each other Al leaned in and placed her soft lips on mine, such gentle warmth made me feel butterflies in my stomach as if I were a teenager all over again.

We cuddled for a moment or so until we decided to stand up and make breakfast.

" What is pipes craving for breakfast this beautiful morning "

" Well a piece of you doesn't sound bad for breakfast " I said laughing.

" How does an omelette and a couple of pancakes sound ?"

" sounds great baby ". Al on the stove looking hotter than the flame on the stove it's self, I just had to grab her from behind and hug her.

" I love it when you cook you know, makes you look so fucking seductive.... I have to admit, makes me kind of horny " I whispered in Al's ear. Turning around laughing she just grinned.

" Well you know, we don't have to go out today. We can always just stay home and you know ", I can't lie I was close to saying yes until I had remembered

" Too bad we promised Larry and Polly we'd visit "... " Fine Pipes " Al sighed.

Believe it or not I had nothing against Larry and Polly. Kind of glad that they ended up together actually, because If it weren't for them I wouldn't have realized I wanted to get married to the wrong person.

15 months in prison made me realize I was trying to live a life full of lies, trying to cover up the fact that I was with Larry because I needed the feeling that I had someone. Not because of love, but because that's how us human beings are. We crave affection and presence of others which in my case I had been completely wrong about who I had chosen to be with me

After eating breakfast, I washed the dishes while Al took a shower and afterwards it was my turn to shower. Dressed and ready we left and were off to Polly and Larry's. On our way we got stuck in traffic which let me just say after living most of your life in NY you get used too. While waiting for traffic to start moving, I couldn't keep my eyes off Al. The sun shining in her face with her green eyes and such defined jawline. I was deeply in love with her and I couldn't deny it.

After being stuck in traffic for more than an hour we had finally arrived. It was nerve racking yet exciting to meet Larry's first child. I couldn't lie, it made me think of when I thought we had a future. I would be in Polly's spot right now, which I have to admit I'm glad I'm not because my vagina would be in such pain right now.
" Are you ready for this " Al said
" As long as you're by my side, I'm ready for anything ". I knocked on the door and the door opened.
" There he is, how is it like being a father? " I said as I hugged him.
" Not easy if I may say, I was so excited at first I couldn't even sleep. Now I want sleep, but anyways how've you ladies been? "
" Great " Al interrupted
"Aleeexxxx, come here come on give me a hug"
Without doubt when Al leaned in to hug Larry she rolled her eyes causing me to laugh.
" Alex!! Piper!! " Polly said in the distance

" Come inside, meet the new addition of the family ". We walked in and got to meet Their son, and chatted and caught up with what had been going on in all of our lives for the past few months. After two hours of drinking wine and chatting I stood up.

" well it was lovely coming to your home, and thank you so much for the wonderful evening "

" We should do this more often Piper, me and Larry missed hearing from both you and Alex "

" Yeah me and Al did too, next time we'll have dinner at our place "

" Cant' wait for that " Larry said standing up

" Well thank you, take care and have a good night guys " Al said

" Take care ladies, have a safe drive home "
Walking to the gate Al just grinned at me until we got to the car.

" What did you think about the kid pipes? "

" He's adorable I must admit, must be a handful though "

" You know walking in there and seeing what joy that child brings Larry and Polly kind of makes me want us to have kids you know "

" Are you serious Al "

" Couldn't be anymore serious than what I am right now "

I could not believe Alex, my Alex wanted kids. Never in a million years would I have ever expected to hear this from her.

" Well I think maybe we should be you know... Married Al "

" Pipes a piece of paper with some phony hand writing saying we're married doesn't matter. Marriage doesn't and shouldn't determine wether if we can have kids or not. "

" Alex, if either of us is going to have kids and we wanna raise them together... I wanna be married. I don't care if you think it's phony or stupid, I wanna be married to you. I want to be Piper Vause "

There was awkward silence for a couple of minutes.

" I understand what you mean but... I don't know Piper. I don't know if I wanna get " Married " you know ? Marriage is kind of stupid.. "

" think it's stupid? After struggling so much to be able to be together you're not "sure" if you wanna marry me....just drive us home already please."

Nothing came out of either of our mouths for the next 30 minutes until we arrived. I undressed put on my pajamas and did what I thought Alex deserved. What did I do? I grabbed her pajamas, a blanket and a pillow and threw them on the couch.

" Have fun trying to not fuck up your back "
I yelled from the room.


I mean it's the least she deserved for tonight, at least I think. I walked back to the bed, grabbed a pillow and cuddled aside of it. All night I flipped and turned thinking to myself

" Was Alex going to be my long life partner... Or my best mistake? "

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