Naruto Genin Part 2

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Naruto and Kokaku make their way to the academy to introduce themselves.

When Kohaku enter and then Naruto. Not a surprised that the in tire class was filled with girls.

Naruto walks and he said "hello, my name is Naruto Uzumaki, and I am a Haki user..."

Then the girls were staring at him because they didn't see him in any classes for the Haki course.

Then Naruto said "now I know Armament Haki, Observation Haki and I was the one that showed your village Haki"

Then the girls were amazed at someone their age create such techniques and they were then bombarding them with questions like "how did you learn it" "how did you make it" "are you single" "why did he show it to the cloud and no other village"

Naruto was shocked at so many questions coming up at him and he said "I am single... But this here is Kohaku, and how I leanred it was from the different energies the body takes in and a lot of reading about the body, and I showed the cloud village because if it was any other village they would have turned me into a mindless weapon how much I know and your Raikage is nice, for each of the Kage's they hate Males but here, they have more of a chance to live a normal life"

Naruto then explains his child story he used to be powerless and people kept torturing but he found power no one had but he didn't take revenge he leaned from that and expanded his Knowledge.

This moved the girls and they were crying and holding each.

Then Kohaku said "strange... Reminds me of someone... Now hello, i am Naruto's summon, he can summon me because of his power and being the only male to have this much power over all of it, and I am the king of lion but now my name is Kohaku, by my friend Naruto"

After that the girls saw Kohaku and they try to jump on him and hug him but Kohaku jumps on Naruto's head and they try to reach him.

Then Naruto said "sorry... Kohaku doesn't do well with so many people trying to pet him"

Then Kohaku said "because our fur is the most precious thing we have beside our family treasures"

Then Naruto said "yeah... I know"

Then Kohaku said "such a person summoned me being so smart and strong but has never had a girl ask him out or even had a kiss or girlfriend... And I am not counting the kissing on the cheek"

Now Naruto think "how is the leaf"

Now at the leaf-
The leaf just noticed Naruto was missing how was that... Well...

Narumi was with Mina and Mito.

Narumi saw that the family felt someone was missing and she noticed that their was six space at the table but their were six chairs.

Now Narumi was trying to think of someone who should or would sit their but she came up with nothing... Then it hit her.

She ran to up the stairs and went into the roon that hasn't been touched but it was very dusty and all the sheets and all of the bed should have were gone and she ran down the stairs and said to her mom's (let me get this straight Minato is a girl but she made a seal to turn her into a boy but only her) and she said "mom... Are we... Eh? Missing someone in the family" she said this very scared.

Then Minato said "I don't think so..."

Then Narumi said "but the room across me is empty, can you search anyone that might be able to get in here"

Then Minato nods and they did some research and found out they had a son (yeah how can you forget someone that you made (literally)) and they were waiting for him to come back, second turned into minutes, into hours and then a full day and they order ANBU to look for their son and cam up with nothing.

They tried to find a scent from Tsume and Hana but their were only remains of a smell from almost four to five year but they did find blood and they could not follow it.

Now Minato tried to flying thunder Jutsu to where Naruto is and landed in the old basement Naruto stayed at and they saw a bottle, a health potions with a note saying "congrats you remember you had a son or you just felt lazy and fly thundered Jutsu to your son by mistake... Now the bottle here is a health potions and you can heal any wound with it and I am the only person to make it... You could even get Tsunade Senju I think her name is to try to detail on what I made and she wouldn't be able to make it... And remember you only have one... Bye-bye :) p.s: you suck at being a parents and my sister are bad at being a sibling"

Now they grab the note and potion and they grab the bottle and they made their way to the hospital to see what a drop does and they see that they fully heal.

Now Tsunade see the bottles and the bottle was filled with life and energy but couldn't find anything or how Naruto made it.

They put Naruto in the bingo book and they would give 10,000,000 Ryo (Naruto: so I alone cost full price devil fruit) and they would give him a strange fruit.

Back with Naruto-
Naruto was in his bed and he was with two girls called Yang and Wendy. With Killer Bee and Yugito Nii as their Sensei.

Naruto was happy with this and he goes to sleep with a happy thought.

How would the leaf react when Naruto had these abilities?
How would the cloud fight for Naruto?
Will the leaf start a war to get Naruto back or would they kindap Naruto?

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