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Third person pov

The smell of bacon flooded the kitchen and dining room of the house.
Kirishima was the only one downstairs currently.

Mina walked into the kitchen, standing on her tiptoes to kiss kirishimas cheek
"Good morning baby!" She said
"Good morning Mina" he smiled.
"Breakfast smells yummy" she said
"Good, go wake up the boys for me? Everything is pretty much finished"
"Gotcha! Make me some coffee please" she said
He nodded and she went upstairs.
She knocked on kaminari and seros door
"Hey guys breakfast is ready!" She said
"Thanks babe we will be right down!" Sero said through the door.
Mina walked down the hall, knocking then walked into Kirishima and bakugous room
"Bakubabe get your ass up kiri made breakfast"
He groaned, rolling onto his back, the sheets sliding down his body, only covering his lower half
"Holy fuck" she said, looking at him
more specifically, looking at the marks covering his body
"Mina get the fuck out I'm sleeping"
"Kiri said you have to go eat" she smirked and walked back downstairs.
Kirishima put everyone's plates at the table, with coffee, each made differently according to how sweet they wanted it
"Whatcha smirking for?" Kirishima chuckled
"Bakugou is almost nude covered in hickeys and bite marks, wanna tell momma somethin?" She tilted her head
"M-Mina it's not what you think" he blushed
"Mhm sure. You have five seconds to explain"
"Come on"
"Stop that"
"Don't let me get to three."
"Fine!" He groaned
"Okay maybe we are dating but you can't say anything yet I still need to talk to Katsuki about it"
"I fucking knew it!"
"Shut up!"
"Why the fuck are you two yelling it's so fucking early" Bakugou grumbled, plopping down at the table
"No reason!" Kirishima said quickly
Mina giggled and sat down, starting to eat.
"Wheres Denki and sero?"
"Right here baby!" Denki sat next to mina and Sero sat next to him, each of them kissing Minas forehead.
Kirishima sat next to Bakugou, starting to eat his food.
Mina smirked at them and Kirishima blushed lightly
"What the fuck are you staring at pinky?" Bakugou looked at her
"Oh nothing" she took a sip of her coffee
"It's too fuckin early for this" he grumbled, shoving the rest of his food in his mouth then went into the living room.
"I am way too high to understand what's happening" Sero giggled
"Me too" Denki laughed
"You guys it's fucking 9am-" Kirishima looked at them
"We hotboxed our room don't go in there" Sero laughed
"And you didn't invite me!?" Mina gasped
Kirishima shook his head and finished his food, walking into the living room with bakugou.
"Can we go cuddle...?" Bakugou asked
"Mhm but I gotta talk to you about something" he got up and bakugou followed him back to the room
Kirishima shut and locked their door
"When Mina came to wake you up for breakfast, she saw all the marks"
"It's okay." He said
"It's fine I don't care. I mean they were gonna find out anyways.." he said, taking off his shirt
Kirishima smiled
"So were allowed to tell people!?"
"Yeah dumbass now come cuddle me before I change my mind" he threw his sweatpants at his face.
Kirishima took his shirt off and quickly got in bed, holding him close to his chest
"I love you Eiji" he said
"I love you too Kats"

seros pov

"where did kiri and bakugou go?" I asked
"probably to go suck each other's dicks" denki snorted
"gross dude" I laughed
"Y'all wanna help me set up the pool?" Mina asked
"Fuck yeah!" Kaminari jumped up, chugging the last of his coffee and ran into the back
"He's such a child" I laughed
"Yeah but he's cute" Mina chuckled
"You're right" I said.
she grabbed my hand and pulled me outside

Third person pov

"hm?" he mumbled into kirishimas chest
"They're outside setting up the pool, you wanna go help?"
"No" he whined, his grip tightening
"why not?"
"because youre warm dumbass"
"but i wanna swim"
"i said no" Bakugou said
Kirishima whined "fine. Grumpy."
"I'm tired shitty hair" Bakugou grumbled
"Then nap and let me swim!"

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