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"ASSHOLE!" (Y/N) heard the screeching sound of his mothers obnoxious cries cry out to him. He cringed, as he threw his backpack to the ground and stopped himself from falling face first into the warm embrace of his blankets.

He sighed making his way down the stairs and into the living room where he met his mother. "Yes ma'am..?" He said, trying not to sound rude so his mother didn't smack him. She sighed loudly, chugging the last bit of vodka in the bottle. When she threw her head down and tossed the bottle on the ground, she looked up at her only son and groaned loudly.

(Y/N) felt discomfort climb its way up his back as she spoke in mumbles of gibberish. "Why're you so fucking ugly?" (Y/N) closed his eyes and sighed loudly before allowing her to continue onwards with her insults. "Jesus fucking christ!" she hic-uped before continuing, "You look like you ate the whole fucking school!" That was a knew one.

(Y/N)'s guts began turning when he kept hearing insults escape his mothers mouth. He knew she was drunk, and he knew that she probably didn't mean it. It still hurt though because people say all the time that drunk statements are always true statements. He just didn't want to think of his mother any worse than he already did. So he ignored the ever looming darkness in the back of his head.

Once his mother opened another bottle and began to chug that bottle down too, he took this as his opportunity to leave and go try and find a new job. Once again.

(Y/N) had no idea how to keep a job, he was always jumping from one place to another. The reasons for this vary. They mainly consisted of him fighting the other employees, stealing something, not being able to go into work and more. He never cared though because he was really good at applications now. He knew exactly how to pretend to be the perfect employee just so he could get the job.

When (Y/N) was in his room, he immediately took out his phone to see the place he had previously sent a job application to has called him and he missed it. "Dammit" (Y/N) said under his breath. He quickly called the place back, but it being around 8:30 pm, he knew it was too late. And the sound of beeping and a voice message answering confirmed his suspicions. He sighed loudly and threw himself on his bed.

"Of fucking course." He said and turned on his stomach. His thoughts started running towards that kid he had seen a few hours ahead. He remembered his face pretty well. He had gray, well-tamed hair, brown eyes that held hope in them, a cute little mole hiding underneath his left eye, and a smile that could make anyone's awful day become great in a matter of seconds. (Y/N) sighed again, mentally cussing himself out for thinking of the older male at that moment.

"Maybe this won't be so bad." (Y/N) says to himself as he gathers his things for his shower. "Fuck if I know." His voice could be heard with a small giggle as he left his bedroom. It was going to be a difficult year, that was for damn sure.


After dealing with his mothers morning routine of yelling, hitting, and sobbing, he finally made his way through the gates of his school. He felt his heart started to race as he remembered what his principal told him the previous day.

"He's going to be your mentor."

Was he really going to be his mentor? As in they'd have to hang out almost all the time and even do things with each other that maybe the other night not like. (Y/N) furrowed his eyebrows in deep concentration, thinking of all the things this Sugawara character might say or do while they had to be together. When all of a sudden he accidentally bumped into someone.

With an "oof" (Y/N) fell to the ground, his backpack losing its place on his shoulder. He hissed at the pain of his ass slamming against the hard cemented ground. The other, who he knocked into, also gasped as he fell to the ground. As (Y/N) was about to cuss whoever this was out, he opened his eyes and stopped himself. It was that kid from yesterday. The one who had to "babysitting" him according to the other males words.

(Y/N) groaned, standing himself up and holding a hand out for the other male. When Suga took his hand and stood up as well, (Y/N) immediately realized their height differences. Suga was much taller than him by about a half a foot or so.

(Y/N) apologized, "Sorry, didn't see you there." But Suga only smiled sweetly at the younger.

"It's cool, not like I got badly injured or anything." Suga said cheerfully. (Y/N) nodded, feeling the awkwardness of the conversation started to unfold. Quickly he made his way through the horde of students trying to make their way to class. Suga glanced back at the short male disappearing beneath the wave of students.

"Never realized how height could make someone much cuter." He said to himself as he made his way to his own classroom.

Once lunchtime started rolling around, Suga decided it was a great time to finally get to know (Y/N) as (Y/N) instead of "That asshole of a student" as their principal would call him. (Y/N) always thought it was funny but Suga had a different mind about it. He thought it was rude and obnoxious for his principal to call one of his students that.

As Suga walked into the classroom full of first years, he quickly spotted the (H/C) haired boy sitting alone in the front of the class with his head down. Suga almost felt pity for the younger. As he sat down in front of the male, a few of the students stared at them but he didn't care. Suga set his lunch aside and laid his head on his hands as he waited for the other male to react. Before he could speak, (Y/N) said slemthing and startled the older male.

"What do you want and why're you here?" (Y/N) said when he sat up crossing his arms as he glared down at Suga. Suga only smiled before beginning to eat his lunch.

"Just wanna get to know you, you know, since we'll be around each other quite a bit." (Y/N) looked at Suga again before looking back out the window. Suga only looked at the boy again, placing a straw in his boxed drink and drinking some of it.

"Ok, well," he began wanting this awkward silence to leave, "So, (L/N), which part of Japan did you grow up in?"

(Y/N) continued staring out the classroom window as he answered Suga's question. "I didn't grow up in Japan. I grew up in America. I moved here when I was like 8 or 9." Suga stared at him for a few seconds before humming in reply. (Y/N) wanted to die. He wanted none of this to be happening at this moment and just wanted to disappear.

Suga smiled and continued the conversation, however, "Well, I hope you enjoyed it so far. Japan is a pretty nice place to live, once you get to know some people." He said. (Y/N) faintly smiled, not trying to seem like a huge asshole. After a few more small questions letting Suga get to know his mentored a little better, they heard the bell ring and it was time for them to get back to their class. Suga huffed before saying bye to (Y/N) and making his way to his own classroom. (Y/N) waved 'goodbye' to him.

When Suga got back to his classroom, he immediately realized that (Y/N) didn't have a lunch. 'Maybe he just wasn't hungry.' He said to himself. The thought of (Y/N) not eating lunch worried him a little bit but not much, as he knew the boy wasn't completely underweight. However he wasn't quite the ideal weight neither. His body was pretty small in frame so maybe he just didn't need to eat as much. Maybe he just forgot his lunch at him. Maybe he forgot to pack himself a lunch. Anything could've happened and Suga let it go once the teacher walked into class and began teaching.

'Later, I'll bring him to the volleyball gym, maybe he'll enjoy it and want to play.' Suga thought to himself as pointless words left his teachers mouth in attempt to stuff all the 3rd years brains with useless knowledge. He began to get a little excited and anxious as the thoughts of (Y/N) running around, not knowing what to do while balls came flying towards him flooded his brian. He smiled and laughed to himself quietly. 'That'd be so cute.' 

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