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~Aizawa POV~
I walked into class, 3 minutes late, sleeping bag dragging behind me. I'm so tired... The students are in their seats, due to Iida probably. Todoroki is staring out the window and it seemed he had spaced out. That boy always worries me. He's always so distant.

~Todoroki's POV~
Aizawa-Sensei finished explaining the hero exercise. We were to be paired with someone and had to go against them. How fun. He began calling out the partners. I- I'm with BAKUGOU? Fuck...

~3rd POV~

In gym Gamma, Todoroki's ice walls shattered at the slightest impact, collapsing only to be replaced with increasingly weaker ones. He pranced to the side, almost loosing his footing as Bakugou set of an explosion near him.

Todoroki had to get his act together before something bad happened. The ice creeping across his cheek reminding him that this was not something to be messed with. He had to get his head in the game. If he didn't, who knows what Bakugou could do.

He ran up an ice ramp, wincing as the wounds from his father rubbed on the gym clothes, and aimed a sloppy punch at the other teen. This was easily dodged, with a scowl from Bakugou. 

"DIE!!!!" The blonde yelled, letting of his biggest blast yet. Todoroki landed face down in the arena, his hair covering his pained eyes. In one last attempt of defence, he threw up an ice dome around himself. 

Todoroki could feel the darkness settle onto him, the cold biting him until he was numb.

Bakugou wasn't having it, and exploded the dome with practised ease only to reveal an unconscious Todoroki, trembling lightly.

Now if Aizawa hadn't been worried before, he was now. He raced to the heterochromic teen, ignoring the rest of class 1-A's worried eyes burning into his back.

Aizawa embraced Todoroki, hoping to provide at least a little bit of warmth.

"GET RECOVERY GIRL." He commanded. The other students were frozen, eyes wide.

"IIDA GO!" Aizawa shouted, and the class president sprinted away, engines at full throttle.

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