Chapter 2

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Jennie POV

I was so annoyed since this morning because jisoo was non-stop laughing and mocking me.i regretted telling her

"I still can't believe it!A cold hearted and heartless jennie will be in a relationship soon!oh my god" she repeatedly saying the same thing over and over again while laughing

"I will cut your head off if you won't stop" i said and slammed my locker loudly making everyone turn their head to me.jisoo bit her lips while still smiling and nod at me

"Okay okay i will stop" she said and i heard she laugh a little when i turn around

Geez..she's annoying

"But hey jen , who would you take to be your boyfriend?"

"I don't know..and actually i just want to have a fake one..not real.." i muttered

"What?what do you mean?"

"I'll pay someone to be my fake lover , so we will just act like we love each other in front of my parents.and after a few months , i would break up with him and told my parents that i got played again , so they won't force me to date or marry someone again" i said while resting my back against the locker.jisoo look at me without blink with her mouth fall apart

"W-wait what?jennie b-but why?"

"Because i don't want to date idiot!i don't want to date anyone or marry anyone"

"Gosh jennie i can't with you..i know you're rich but don't waste your money jen"

"I can kick you out from this school without using any money,you want that?" I glare at her

"Geez don't misuse your power just because of your dad own this college babe" jisoo said making me cringe

"Ugh just lets go no- that the barista girl that we saw yesterday?" I nudge jisoo and she look at where i was looking at

"Oh?she's in the same school with us?why i never notice her?hey you!" I curse jisoo under my breath when she bluntly call that girl making she turn her head to us.i keep my straight face and cross my arms.jisoo make a hand gesture telling her to come here and she immediately walk to us

Every students was turning their attention to us , well maybe because they thought i would kick someone out again from this school.don't get me wrong , i'm not that mean to kick anyone that i would love to , i just kick people who keep being annoying and a pervert guy who wants to have me on every weeks must have someone that got expelled from this school

"Yes?" She look at us while bitting her lips , she seems nervous as she keep glancing at me

"Oh don't be scared she won't dare kick you out from here , i'm protecting you from her" jisoo said making me glare at her "so just by looking at your reaction , i guess you already know us?since yesterday?" Jisoo ask.the blonder girl nod

"Yes..i know you..and jennie.."

"See jen?i'm famous" jisoo smirk proudly

"It just because you are always with me , of course i'm the one who helped you to get known by everyone in this school" i scoff and she roll her eyes at me

"Why you act so different from yesterday?you was so cheerful and bright but now you seems quiet and shy"

"Oh..nothing i just shocked because you called me , i thought i did something wrong and you want to expelled me from this school" she mumble

"Wait stop making me looks like a mean girl here , i don't kick anyone without a reason" i huff

"Anyway i'm jisoo , nice to meet you" jisoo smile and lend her hand

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