Introduction: Before

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  • Dedicated to Makenzie

Mackenzie Hazel Clark and her family were going on  road trip, and, dear god, Mackenzie could not stand another minute of it. When your family is singing "Rule Britannica" while you are driving past waving wheat fields in America, well, it does seem a bit natural to feel overwhelmed.

        Mackenzie Clark, age fifteen, was what you would call an "average" person. She was not an extraordinarily special hero, nor was she an incredibly stupid person. She was simply average. She got nice grades in school, a B in each subject. She had exactly five friends. She had one brother and one sister, both younger than she was. She was the definition of a "normal" person.

        Mackenzie had smooth dark brown hair reaching her elbows. Her eyes were a pleasant brown. Her skin was tanned, but it was not an in-your-face sort of tan, it was an it-comes-naturally-and-is-not-really-something-people-compliment sort of tan. Mackenzie was proud to be five feet, five inches tall.

        Mackenzie tuned out her family as they started a very... unusual version of "Let It Go", from Frozen. She looked out the side window at the passing crops, counting fence posts. She reached eighty-two before she gave up and looked over at her parents. She wondered if they were happy, chauffeuring their kids around and singing countless songs in the car.

        As they passed a signpost announcing that they were six miles from Kentucky's border, Mackenzie realized that she really wanted this to be over. She just wanted to fast-forward through summer and go straight to the start of school, where her friends would be waiting.

        Mackenzie pulled herself away from her dreams about the future in time to see a minivan in the opposite lane barreling around a sharp curve ahead of her parents' car. She expected the van to keep going on its respective lane, but instead it came flying, still at a breakneck speed, straight towards her parents' car.

        A split second after Mackenzie noticed this, the van hit her car, and the impact threw her into the back of the passenger seat in front of her. She felt a sharp, acute pain in her nose and forehead, and then everything went black.

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