((( Janella's P.O.V )))

** Stilll on date**

After hearing those words would you marry me ? I was ready and willing ...

Trey: baby

Me: Yes

Trey: *nods his head* turn around

I turned around to see all my family and his there. What!?!?!

Me: Trey ho-

Trey: They was watching the whole time *smirks*

Me: but OMG!

My mother and Trey's mother came over, OVER EXCITED!!!

MM: OMG Trey that was breathtaking

TM: I'm so happy

I started smiling like crazy....

Nikki: congrats you're blushing like crazy ya know

Me: oooo don't ruin my mood *jokingly*

Nikki: *screams in excitement* YOU'RE GETTING MARRIED!

Me: I know!!!!

Megan: so how does it feel to be engaged?!

Me: breathtaking actually but it feels like heaven for sure

Then I felt arms wrap around me......

Trey: You practically glowing over here whatcha talking about *whispering in my ear*

Me: Us *turns to look into his eyes*

Trey was smiling bigger then I was ....

Auntie Rose: Awww let me take a picture of yall

Me and Trey posed all cuddled up on each other. I had to say he smelled GOOD! I keep on trying to ignore his scent but it was pulling me back in.......

Trey: *kisses and sniff my neck* Damn you smell good *growling sexually *

Atleast I wasn't the only one ready to rip his clothes off he was to

Me: Me honey you got me going crazy with your scent *laughs*

Me: But anyway when will this be over

Trey: We leaving now!

Me: O-

Trey pulled me along to leave and when I tell you he was acting as if he was in a hurry. I just laughed ...

Forest: Yall leaving already ?

Trey: Hell yeah well.. bye lil bruh

Me: Bye Forest

(( Home)))

Me: Trey slow down

Trey: Why? *kiss*

First thing that happened when we got home was Trey went crazy. We was first in the kitchen then hallway now the couch.....

Trey: I just had to get you out of that dress *breathless*

Me: well you sure did

By the way, no we ain't have sex he wanna just wait to we get married since he waited this "long" and I was going to wait....... But sometimes it's hard

Me: We're getting married

Trey: An I can't be any happier

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