The letter

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To whomever this letter reaches, 

First, I should probably explain who I am before I continue, my name is Perseus Salacia, i'm 19 years old I was born in 1916, i'm Italian I work as a weapons specialist for Mr. Luciano, and I was sent three years ago to help against the ruling of Adolf Hitler as he is getting to be to powerful. I can confidently say I disagree with his way of things but to actively go against him would be more of an encumbrance than its worth right now. In a way of things Hitler would come before all others. Of course he would he was a ruler, a well respected one at that. Hitler could lead his cult of followers into the depths of hell, and they would follow him like dogs. He could tell them the world was their birthright, and he could lead them into a war against the rest of the world. As if they were divine beings and all who go against were mere mortals. There was a semblance of self-righteousness to him as if he were always correct. He could tell them any thing and they would soak it all up. He was charismatic in a way that hasn't been see since Julian Caesar himself. since Germanicus, Vespasian, and Marcus Aurelius. My close friend Jason said that in another age he could have been amazing. I can see why so many people fear him so much. They see him as a claimant. He was a threat to the lives of so many. He was more powerful than them and that is what scared them. The apathy his soldiers showed the Jewish was horrible. The soldiers would pillage them for all their valuables just because they could, they saw them as if they were bestial creatures. I remember a few weeks ago I was trying to sneak a family of four past the soldiers of the Dachau camp an hearing screaming and sobs, a few of the prisoners saw me and implored that I help them as well. An officer saw - or rather heard them yelling for me to help them, and because he could not see us, he was stupefied and thought them even crazier than before. They couldn't fight back very well with the meager amount of strength they had from not getting enough food, but they were raucous in their near interminable protest about their harsh treatment. They were however lucid enough to understand the unremitting anger from the wizened man. I suppose they angered him enough that he snapped because the next time I saw that group only two of the original fifteen were left. If i'm being honest most of my Jewish neighbors were under compulsory watch and considering trying to leave the country. Emigration would also be at the top of my list of things to do if I was Jewish in these bad times but i'm not and even if I was so many people need as much help as they can get, we are constantly under vigilant watch to make sure nobody leaves. I however am very good at making people disappear with out much suspicion, so I am doing my best to smuggle as many people out. I'm ready for the the near certainty war but i'm also ready for peace. I am hopeful that by the time this is read the peace will finally be here and these bad times are over. I am hopeful that when this is read I am old and happy or if  have died that I have died young and doing something I loved.

Sincerely me with hope for the future, Perseus Salacia

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