Warning (a little late but oh well)

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I have a dark sense of humor also anything I write on this fanfic is purely what I thought at the time and my opinion/reason for adding each of the memes I don't expect you to agree but I also don't want you commenting that my reason /opinion isn't the right one also Im talking about the memes not about what happened in the anime I've already had one comment like that and I'm not calling this person out this is my fault I should have put a warning in the beginning so that's on me I just felt I should talk about this also sorry in the future to those of you who read this and don't like dark humor there will be alot of it but there will be lighthearted humour too btw if anyone thinks I should do another book like this for another anime let me know
Anime choices are:
1. Fairy Tail : 2
2. Pokemon : 2
3. Yugioh : 1
4. Bnha : 1
5. Blue Exorcist
6. Black Butler
7. Seven Deadly Sins : 1
8. DBZ :2
9. Assassination classroom:1 (note if you vote for this one it may be awhile because I haven't watched this one yet)
Will add more later rn Im way too tired to think of anymore love you guys bye😋

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