Chapter 4 - Meeting A God(Part 1)

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After revealing his pokemon everyone looked at Y/n shocked, within the space of 3 days he had managed to get Kyogre, Groudon and Rayquaza the 3 pokemon know as the weather trio but not only that he also got The Pokemon of Time Dialga, The Pokemon of Space Palkia and The Pokemon of Antimatter Giratina or better yet known as The Creation Trio.

Y/n : "so shall we begin"

One by one Issei's pokemon fell, not even the legendary birds could do anything against Y/n. After a one sided battle Y/n was announced the winner most people began clapping Rias and the ORC couldn't believe what had just took them weeks to locate and catch the legendary birds Zapdos, Moltres and Articuno and now they have to hand them over to Y/n who had just recently joined the school. After collecting his new pokemon he had gotten from Issei Y/n made his way off stage only to be hugged by Riko and Ako.

Y/n : "I told you I had it covered"

Riko : "you never told us you know those guys"

Y/n : "well you never asked me if I did"

Ako : "come on, I'm cooking lunch as a reward for your victory"

As they were about to leave they were stopped by a bunch of people that wanted to know how he managed to get both the weather and creation trio to help him...

Y/n : "sorry but I can't say"


After eating lunch Y/n looked at the pokeballs he had won from Issei, as he did his sisters spotted him.

Ako : "hey Y/n are you ok"

Y/n smiled and looked at them.

Y/n : "I think it's time I showed you both something"

Riko : "show us what"

Y/n : "I'm sorry about what's next"

Ako : "what do you mean ne..."

Just then both Riko and Ako fell asleep due to Y/n knocking them unconscious.

Y/n : "don't worry when you wake up, you'll be surprised"


As both Ako and Riko began opening their eyes they noticed they were looking at the sky.

Y/n : "so you guys are finally up"

Ako and Riko looked to see Y/n sitting on a rock.

Riko : "what happened"

Y/n : "I'm sorry I used a sleep attack on you so I could bring you both here"

Ako : "where are we"

Y/n smiled.

Y/n : "why don't you take a look"

As the girls stood up they made their way to where Y/n was pointing as they got there their eyes widen.

Ako : "this is...."

The girl were looking at a large beautiful lake with pokemon of all types around the lake and what suprised them the most was legendary pokemon was also there.

Riko : "this place...."

Y/n : "it's a save heaven of sorts, a place were pokemon can run around free of worry of being captured"

Ako : "are those legendary pokemon"

Y/n : "yup all legendary pokemon tend to stay here but on occasion will leave for their own reasons"

Ako : "but why are we here"

Y/n : "because....Arceus what's to have a word with you"

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