Victoria G Interviews Lucy Capri

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Victoria G: What inspired you to become an actress?

Lucy Capri: My sister inspired me. When I was two and she was four, she was doing a lot of commercials and voiceovers, and I wanted to do them too. We met with a talent agent and they sent us out on auditions together, although she got to do more at first because she was older of course.

VG: What is your favorite thing about acting?

LC: I like seeing new places, flying on airplanes and meeting new people. I really have a lot of fun when there are other kids on the project I'm working on. Adults are fun too though! :)

VG: What is your favorite project you have ever done?

LC: I can't pick just one! :) My favorite place to visit because of a project though was Europe.

VG: In what ways are you and your The Right Stuff character, Janita Cooper alike?

LC: We both think space and rockets are very cool! We also love to ride our bikes!!! And we BOTH have a big sister!!!

VG: How much has your life changed since being on The Right Stuff?

LC: On "The Right Stuff," I met another best friend - she played my big sister on the show. Her name is Chandler Head and she plays "Cam Cooper." I had SO much fun on the show with her and we now FaceTime when we can! I hope we get to work together again someday on another project too.

VG: Can you describe how you felt once you found out you would be on The Right Stuff?

LC: I was shocked and I cried. My Mom says I wear my "heart on my sleeve," which she says means I'm not afraid to show how I feel. I just couldn't believe it. I love learning about space so much and this show sounded so COOL! It really is too!

VG: What is a typical day on set like for you?

LC: Usually I arrive, check in with the AD, grab breakfast and then head to my trailer to change into wardrobe. I then go to hair and make-up and then either to the school trailer or to set. I have to do 3 hours of school during the school year, so that gets fit in between scenes, or before or after. At some point, we all break and have lunch or dinner together. After I'm wrapped, I usually always go back to our hotel and swim. :) I LOVE swimming!

VG: How would you describe yourself in three words?

LC: Happy, Storyteller, Grateful

VG: Do you have any hidden talents?

LC: I can ride my bike without holding on to the handle bars. My Mom doesn't like when I do that though. ;)

VG: Where do you see yourself in ten years?

LC: In ten years, I'll be in high school, lol. I would love to keep acting and I love doing voiceovers a lot too!

VG: What are your social media handles?

LC: On Instagram: @Lucy.Capri.Official and @ALilJoyKidsVO On Twitter and Facebook: @TheLucyCapri

VG: What advice do you have for an aspiring actor?

LC: Don't be afraid! Enjoy every moment and smile a lot. :)

VG: What's next for you?

LC: I have a few projects that I have to wrap up on but I can't talk too much about them. I just returned before Christmas from Europe working on one of them, and I can't wait to work with the cast and crew again this year when we finish! Fingers crossed that "The Right Stuff" gets to film a second season too. This year I have two films coming out (one that's unannounced – the European one – and "Hillbilly Elegy") and then the TV series "The Right Stuff" will be coming out on National Geographic Channel and Disney+. We will see what else happens. I really am so grateful for these opportunities.

VG: RAPID FIRE QUESTIONS Vanilla or Chocolate

LC: Chocolate

VG: Drawing or Reading

LC: Reading

VG: Cartoons or Sitcoms

LC: Sitcoms

VG: Sweet or Salty

LC: Salty

VG: Loud prints or Solid colors

LC: Loud Prints

VG: Dogs or Cats

LC: Cats

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