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Love at first sight.

I don't think if that fits our situation. The first time I saw her? I don't think I was in love right away.

Attracted? Oo.

I remember her singing a Nirvana song while her eyes were closed and fingers wrapped around the mic stand. I swear, I could listen to her all day with that voice. It was soothing. A little rasp on it but mostly, cool. Sino ba namang mag-aakala na sa sobrang bargas ng bibig nito ay sobrang lambing at lamig ng boses nya kapag kumanta?

She is Tuscany.

I first met her one Saturday night at the bar my friend owns. When I found out her band was a regular there, naging regular na rin ang pag tambay ko sa naturang bar. After college, I used to hang out lesser than normal. Siguro dahil na rin sa pagka abala sa trabaho, also, because of Hanna. She doesn't want me hanging out too much anymore. Saying, I am too grown up for that thing already.

Tuscany and I kinda pulled it off the first time. My friend, Glenn, who owns the bar, was the one who introduced me to her. We talked over few bottles of beer and one thing led to another.

We hooked up that exact same night inside the cubicle around two in the midnight.

I was still healing from a break-up of a long term relationship. I would admit that hooking up with Tuscany was part of fun experiment. All my life, I have lived with too much rules.

Be a good student.
Date a decent woman.
Graduate with Latin honors.
Settle with an impressive job.
Marry that decent woman.

All crumbled to piecez when Hanna broke up with me and eventually setting up to marry some other guy. That's when I realize that I have been too uptight all these years.

Then came Tuscany, who is, well a game changer.

Fun. Unapologetic. Breezy.

God, a girl who is way off different from Hanna in so many ways.

She's unimaginable. Probably it's because the sex was really good. It's raw and wild. No responsibilities. Just plain sex and having fun with it. No strings attached.

Since then, we were inevitable. Every night we'd talk, drink, and have sex. It was actually great talking with her. She listens without judging me or whatsoever.

"Are you going?" tanong ko.

Umalis sya sa kama ng hindi nag-aabalang magsuot ng damit and walked confidently walked around my room. Her silhouette was perfect. Perfect curves. Tits, waist, ass, legs. All graded "A" boxed in one figure.

"Magyo-yosi lang ako." Paalam niya. She searched across her bag and found a stick of cigarette and a lighter.


"Alam ko, sa balcony?" Tila natatawa niyang tanong.

I don't let her smoke inside my apartment. Hindi kasi ako sanay sa amoy. I don't smoke to begin with, and neither Hanna. My friends don't smoke too. Kung meron man, they don't smoke around those who don't.

Lumabas sya sa balkonahe at doon nanigarilyo. I sighed and followed her.

"Uy, do'n ka na. Ubusin ko lang 'to"

"Hindi ayos lang." Sabi ko naman. I am not really used to the smell of burning nicotine but I pretended not to.

She finger-combed her hair. I swear she's extra sexy when she does that. She leaned over the handrails giving me a full view of her naked body.

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