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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 2:U and Me and Sex In The Shower

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i woke up in the morning and Justin was holding me like a teddy bear...i loved the way this feels hes the one...i smiled and i turned and looked at him he woke up and looked at me and smiled"good morning"i said and he looked at me"good morning"he wined"whats up with u"i said and he smiled"nothing its just i'm so comfortable here and i don't want to get up"he said and i rubbed his back"u don't have to go anywhere"i said sweetly"yeah i don't but u know i need to take a shower"he said"and be a singer"i said and he smiled"yeah"he said and i smiled"shower is over here follow me"i said and he smiled he got up and followed me we're still pretty much naked and i smiled and he went in the shower and he smiled"can i join Mr.Bieber"i said and he smiled"Mr.Bieber is my dad just call me Justin silly"he said"can i join u in the shower"i said and he smiled and grabbed my hand and dragged me in and i laughed and he tooked off my bra that was on and underwear and he smiled and looked at me and kissed my lips under the water and i smiled and i loved it...he held me close and smiled"stay close to me"he said and i nodded my head and he kissed me and he picked me up and kissed me he put me against the wall of the shower and he went in me and i looked at him and we had sex in the air  he pulled out and he laid me down in the bathtub and smiled and he went in again and then out,in and out,in and out....when he stopped he looked at me and smiled"u make me want to brake the rules all the time...."he said and i smiled"i love u Justin"i said and looked at him and touched his face gently"u don't have to say it back"i said and he smiled and kissed me"i think i'm in love with u"he said and smiled"good enough"i said and kissed him and smiled....After we got dressed and he looked at me and hugged me for a long time"i'll come back to u....and if i don't u can hate me forever"he said and i looked at him and touched his face"i have times when i'm mad at u....but.....i can't find it in my heart to ever hate u forever"i said and he smiled"i'll remember u and when i get back i promise we will go on real dates"he said and i smiled"i never went on a real date"i said and he looked at me"then i'll make it the perfect 1st ever date u had"he said and i smiled"that's amazing"i said and he smiled"your amazing"he said and held my hand and i looked at him"but don't spend to much when u do i'm okay with just McDonalds as a resterant"i said and he smiled"how bout t.g.i Fridays"he said and i smiled"that's my fav resterant..."i said and he smiled"then that's where we gonna go when i come back"he said and i smiled and he kissed me and he was about to leave"wait..."i said and he looked at me"yeah"he said and i smiled"what r we exactly"i said and he smiled"what do u think?"he said and he smiled"together together"i said and he smiled"well....u r right"he said and smiled i smiled"keep it a secret"he said and he smiled and i smiled and nodded my head and he smiled"bye Aly"he said and i smiled"bye"i said and he smiled and he left and i went into my room  and laid down and relaxed"i did it with Jusstin Bieber 2 times"i said and smiled....

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