Last Christmas

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(A/N) I felt like going in a weird direction, thank you all so much for all the reads! Also please wait to play the video. I feel like the relationship built up too fast, so there is going to be some drama with that. Play the video when the story tells you to. Don't worry, the Christmas special will be happy :)




You woke up to a sleeping Jotaro embracing you. You carefully escaped his grasp, heading to the shower. You tiptoed softly across the room into the bathroom. You bent over the bathtub, turning on the warm water, allowing it to flow over your hand. Clearing your throat, you felt groggy and tired. Suddenly, you remembered the events of last night and you blushed. The water was at the desired temperature and you stepped into the shower. The water splashed across your skin, enveloping you in a blanket of water that calmed your nerves. Today you would get on the plane to Egypt. You ran your hands through your hair, your face in the stream of water. You rubbed Jotaro's shampoo into your hair, repeating with the conditioner. As you began to wash your body, you smiled at the thought of smelling like Jotaro. A soft "mmm" could be heard behind you. You jumped and turned around.

"You smell good," Jotaro said as he rubbed the soap into your body. His hands traced the curves of your body before pulling you into a tight hug. You snuggled into the embrace, pushing further into his chest. He massaged his jet black hair, scrubbing water through it. You reached and touched the shiny black spikes of hair. Jotaro smiled up at you, grabbing at your hands. "Please let me shower now." He said closing his eyes and allowing the water to cover his chiseled body in an ethereal shine. You bit your lip and stared for a moment longer. "Yare Yare Daze, woman, get out!" He said pushing you out and handing you a towel before he returned to showering. You held the towel around you, clinging to the little warmth it brought you. You got ready for the day, drying your hair, changing, and applying some minimal makeup. Examining yourself in the mirror, You wore a black turtle neck tucked into black jean shorts. You wore combat boots tightly laced halfway up your calf and Jotaro's top belt. It hung down much further for you, but it looked good. Jotaro got out of the shower, wrapping a towel around his waist. "We are wearing my clothes again I see." He said as he placed a kiss on your forehead. You smiled up at him, quickly kissing his cheek. 

"I'm going to get breakfast, come out when you are ready." You said rubbing his shoulder, leaving the room. You walked with soft steps to the kitchen where Kakyoin and Joseph stood with wide smiles when you walked in. 

"How was it?" Mr. Joestar asked. You gave him one glance before turning on your heels and leaving the room. Instead of walking forward, you walked smack into Jotaro's chest. He chuckled looking down at you, pushing you back into the room.

"Goodmorning!" You chimed pretending Joseph had not asked the question. Kakyoin smiled.

"Goodmorning (Y/N)! How was your sleep?" He asked still teasing you. Jotaro rubbed your back as he poured both of you a cup of coffee. He handed it to you, sitting down at the kitchen bar. You nodded thankfully taking a deep sip. 

"I slept great, how about you guys?" You asked the two other men.  Joseph snickered as he stirred the eggs he was cooking. 

"I kept hearing screaming. It was a little hard to sleep." He finished. You coughed through a sip of coffee. You looked to Jotaro for help. 

"Old man lay off." He said. You kissed him again and stood up. You walked over to Mr. Joestar holding a plate you grabbed from the cabinet. 

"I will take eggs to Holly." You said with a gentle smile.  He carefully spooned the scrambled eggs onto the plate, handing you a fork to take with you.

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