Chapter 2

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When I went in the next day, I saw some guys looking at Ricky and whispering, pointing. I went to go over to find out what the fuck was going on, but he turned to look at me and the others looked at me and instantly shut up. Huh. I went over to Ricky and gave him a hug, shocking him for about a minute before he hugged back. "You alright Rick?"
"Huh? Oh yeah..are you Chris?" I nodded and he smiled, disarming me instantly.

For someone who apparently killed his boyfriend, he has a really cute smile and he doesn't actually act like he killed anyone. God all this crap was just making my head hurt. I saw Ricky's eyes grow cold and he glared at me, making me stare back, confused. "Don't try and figure it out. It's nothing to do with you! Stay out of my shit Cerulli!" And he walked out, leaving me even more confused than before. I didn't understand, how could he tell I was trying to figure him out? It makes no sense at all! How the fuck could he tell I was trying to figure him out?!

Devin walked in with two of the guys from my class, I think they were called Ryan and Josh, but I wasn't too sure. "Hey guys!"
"Why talk to him? Don't you know? He killed his boyfriend!"
"Dude it clearly hasn't been proven because of it had he'd be in jail. Simple as." They gave me a weird look and Devin sighed before nodding to Ryan and josh and all three of them left. What the fuck. In a fit of rage, I punched a wall hard enough to break my bones. And instead of screaming in pain, I did it again. And again. I didn't know how many times I'd done it, but Ricky had to pull me away and the wall had a huge red patch.

"Chris chill! Fuck stop!" He said as I swung to Punch it again. He didn't let me. He caught my bleeding fist and held it in his hand, giving me a Death glare. "Are you stupid? You defended me and lost everyone! You need to fucking stop!"
"If I need to stop THEN WHY ARE YOU HERE HUH?!"
"You need to stop it Chris!" I looked at him and I pulled him into a hug, relieved when he hugged me back. I slowly felt myself calm down as he held me, rubbing my back gently. "It's's alright can hang with me, we'll be great friends, alright?" I nodded and pulled away, looking at him. How could he change his mind so quickly? Was he bipolar or something? He bit his lip and I saw him tug on his lip piercing, before he looked away and sighed. I have a funny feeling that Ricky doesn't know what he's getting himself into and he's gonna regret it.

At break, I met Ricky and he nodded at me, keeping up his typical "cold" shoulder towards pretty much everyone. Devin looked at me and shook his head, looking down as I walked past him with Ricky and I felt a pang of sadness and loneliness. Devin had always been there for me and for him to just...shove me away because I'd made a friend hurt so bad. I knew Ricky'd noticed; he seems to notice everything. He glanced up at me briefly and walked ahead of me, making sure I followed him, I guess.

When we were fully alone, he looked me dead in the eye. "I want to get to know you better. Yes, alright, you probably wouldn't because of the things peo-?"
"Alright. What do you wanna know?"
"I'm sorry, what?" He asked, his eyes widening slightly in shock, at least I assumed it was shock. "You heard me." He nodded and a smile broke out on his face, making me want to fucking squeal like a little girl. He looked so goddamned cute it was unreal. "Uhh...what sorta music do you like?"
"Rock, heavy metal all that sorta shit. You?"
"S-same..." I smiled a bit and he blushed slightly.  Well that made me happy.

I have to say, I was really surprised. Especially when the rest of the week was spent with me and Ricky getting to know each other. He was a pretty cool guy. But when anyone mentioned Angelo, he shut off completely and went cold to everyone. Everyone except from me anyway, which shocked me obviously. I mean if only just gotten to know him and I was the only one who was able to talk to him without causing him to shut off. It made me feel happy tho, I liked being able to help someone the way Devin used to help me before he chose Ry and Josh over me. I was good with them all tho, but I didn't hang with Devin or the others mostly because they thought I was being stupid. Which I probably am.

On the weekend, he ended up staying at mine. My parents pretty much welcomed him with open arms and I couldn't help but laugh. He fit in so perfectly with my family. I mentally kicked myself for thinking that, I mean I'd only know him for a week. After we'd eaten, I took him to my room and we sat on my bed, chatting about bands we liked and what we wanted to do when we grew up. The conversation dried up and I just sat there until I noticed tears dripping down Ricky's face. I instantly moved, so I was crouching in front of him, making him look into my eyes.

"What's wrong?" He shook his head, crying again. "Ricky. What is it, tell me?"
"I-I just hate this! I fucking hate it all! I hate what I-I've become a-and what I have to do!" I was confused, but that was the most he'd opened up to, well, anyone in years apparently so I was slightly pleased with the slight progress I'd made. "Why? What's happened?" He looked at me, his blue eyes glistening with tears.
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