Winters Kiss (poem)

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My first posting of a poem please begging on knees if any one has a better title for the is poem also please --- please comment and feed back on the poem I am on my needs begging....


"Winters Kiss"

Trapped in the artic cold -frozen are my limbs sweet numbness becomes my comfort. As I watch the winter snow glowing white sheets of covering too aid me faster into oblivious sweet darkness. Drift -drift the heaviness of sleep starts its invasion as I slumber close to deaths breast of quietness. I can hear nothing but still and eerie quietness surrounding begging me to surrender... to allow that last breath to flow freely from my lips... how blue are these lips that continue to kiss winters sharp breath. A white darkness is all I see constant is this grip of never letting go. She has found her lover and she has trapped me beneath her blankets of snow... comfort she brings but on the wings of deaths grace I find she has bargain to keep me. I feel nothing all warmth as deserted my body... a slow and quiet beat of the heart is all that is left. She whispers come to me -come to me live forever in eternal winter ... breathe a breath so I may take all there is... love me forever... but shudder to the sickly sweet voice... but I can no longer resist this voice I can no longer hold to a world that has left me here in this dark white abyss. So I breathe - So I breathe watching as eyes become fixed in place the last my breath leave to fly with the winters sweet maiden leaving all behind... Still is the body quiet is the heart covered by winter's blankets I am hers forever.

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