Part 2

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The filthy muddy grass in the school field made Eddie want to run away as fast as he could but, alas everyone else sat down in a circle so he slowly kneeled down between Richie and Bill.
  "Last to the cer-cer-circle has to s-s-start. So you" Bill told Stanley. Eddie was surprised for a second, believing he was last before seeing Stan run over after stuffing something in his backpack.
  "Shit" Stanley cursed. "Um.... Richie truth or dare?".
  Richie shifted on the grass. The one thing he hoped wouldn't happen, did. He felt lucky it was Stanley though, he would have felt a lot worse if it was Bill(although he wouldn't feel at all bad if it was Eddie)Stanley just felt safer, after all he was Richies best friend, but he wasn't completely at ease. He considered the options in his head. If I pick dare they can ask me to do whatever they want and I have to do it Richie thought I can always lie in truth if I need to. After a few seconds he nervously said "truth".
Stanley pondered. He knew about the rumours and wished to know if they were true but Richie had shaken it off and quickly asked Bill right after his turn was over last year. He decided to just ask something simple, yet still sort of embarrassing.
  "Rich, When was the last time you peed your pants?" Stanley said after a second. Richie rolled his eyes at the ridiculous question but deep down felt relieved at how easy it was.
    "Last month" he said, ignoring the groups snickers "My sister was in the bathroom for ages and I couldn't wait" He lied. The last month part was true but it wasn't his sisters fault(although she did take forever in the bathroom). It was because of the time bowers cornered him in the library and beat him up for "flirting" with his cute lab partner, which Henry happened to be sitting right behind. He didn't think he was flirting but Bowers did. Henry pummelled him almost all lunch hour. He couldn't hold it in but Bowers didn't exactly let it go unnoticed.
   Richie knew all the group had problems with Bowers so if he just told them they wouldn't bat a eye but he liked to avoid talking about anything to do with the rumours, talking about them made them seem real, and that scared Richie more than anything.
  So instead he sat in the grass listening to the losers explode in laughter, he didn't love that it was aimed at him but their laughs, and one laugh in particular, felt better than anything and almost erased his mind of that horrible memory.....almost. 
    "Shut up! You guys suck." Richie groaned "one time guys. One time".
   "Sorry. It's just Richie Tozier pissed himself because his sister was doing her nails?" Eddie said with difficulty, hard to get the words out when laughter is all that wants to come out.
  "Fucking shut it eds. It's my turn anyways." He turned to face the other boy "Eddie, truth or dare?"
  "Ummm Dare." Eddie decided. This was unlike him, normally timid and picking truths but Richie liked this side of him. More exciting.
  "I dare you to go up to a stranger and tell them "Richie Tozier fucked my mom". Richie explained the dare.
  Eddies eyes widened
  "I don't want to do that! That's fucking gross" He complained.
   "It's a dare. You must" Richie said to the short fuming boy. Bill and Stanley nodded in agreement. He stayed down for a second but after a bit Eddie huffed and rose to his feet, walking angrily to the nearest person.
  Richies mouth dropped open as he saw the fiery redhead Eddie had walked up to.
  "Guys! Guys! He walked up to Beverly Marsh." Richie yelled at the two other boys, who were watching Eddie intently. Bill looked startled but Stanley didn't seem to care which surprised Richie, I mean it was Beverly Marsh! He had heard all about what/who she had done.
  "Hi! So my friends dared me to say this, I really don't want to but I have to" he explained to Beverly before finally saying the words they were all waiting for "Richie Tozier fucked my mom".
  Beverly gasped in surprise but that gasp slowly turned into a small laugh.
  "Some great friends huh?" Beverly asked accusatorially.
   "They're actually great, well except Richie, but they can be annoying sometimes" Eddie answered.
  Bev recognized the name Richie, but she couldn't remember from where. She remembered how as soon as he came running over to ask eddie why he's not back.
  "It's been like 5 minutes. What the fuck?" Richie questioned.
He was Bowers main target, a gay kid in a overly Christian town doesn't exactly go over well. She thought he was gay but she only heard it from students whispering when he walked by in the hall so she didn't know what to believe.
  Bev knew when some friends wanted friend time so she cleared her throat. "I'll just be going" She told them.
  "No! You've been so nice. Do you wanna play truth or dare with us? It's boring with so little people" Eddie asked her.
Richie shot him a "are you crazy?" Look but Eddie ignored the annoyed boy.
   "Um sure." Bev played it cool but she was overjoyed. She was hardly every invited to things.
   They walked back to the group together.
"Hi! I'm Beverly Marsh" She stated.
"Stanley Uris" Stan told her, standing up to shake her hand.
She shook back with a firm grip, which made Stanley smile. All his friends had spaghetti wrists.    Bill didn't introduce himself, he stayed in his spot and didn't even stand up, Barely noticing that Richie had sat back down.
Eddie went back to his spot beside Richie and Bill but schooched over towards Richie so Bev could join the circle. She took the seat gracefully.
"Beverly, truth or dare?" Eddie asked the new girl.
Almost immediately she responded with
Eddie thought to himself for a second before a evil grin spread across his face.
"I dare you to jump into the dumpsters. The ones in the teachers parking lot" Eddie dared her.
  The rest of the losers gasped and chuckled but Bev didn't dare back down.
  She went straight to the parking lot, trying to ignore the deviled eggs smell, and swung up and over. She exclaimed in disgust when she landed on top of the cold wet trash.
   "You have a banana peel in your hair!" Richie informed her.
   She plucked the stringy browned peel out of her lovely hair and quickly jumped out of the garbage and walked back to the losers.
  They all itched away, covering their noses.
   "That was disgusting" Beverly promptly stated.
  Despite being the original darer, Eddie was turned away from Bev clutching his nose and trying not to vomit.
"You smell like what I imagine Richies mind is in physical form." Stanley told her.
Richie mostly ignored the comment but still rolled his eyes at Stanley.
"I can't believe you did that" Eddie said, in wonder "none of us would ever do that".
The losers nodded in agreement.
"You're p-p-p-pretty cool b-b-b-Beverly" Bill struggled to get out.
She blushed and let out a small "thanks"
"Hey we're going to the quarry tomorrow. Wanna come?" Eddie asked.
"I'd love too!" She gasped in excitement before staring down at her watch "Shit! I have to go sorry. I'll see you tomorrow!"
The losers waved goodbye as she got on her bike and peddled away.
When she got to her house and ran in the door, she looked both ways before walking to her room. She has gotten lucky, her dad was asleep.
   She looked through all her clothes, she wanted to pick the perfect outfit. After a hour of "this or that" she ended up laying out a white dress with small multicoloured flowers on it, velvet coloured leggings and a gold key necklace. This would work.
She smiled on her bed, excited for the coming day.

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