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StanleyUris I like Georgie WAY better than @BillsDenbrough , he's much nicer.

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BillsDenbrough I am the nicest, thank you very much, Staniel.
| StanleyUris @BillsDenbrough You keep telling yourself that, but you're lying to yourself, Billy boy.
Username1 I often wonder what it's like to be Stan and Bill's friend...
| EddiesMom @Username1 It's hard work, let me tell you. They never stop bickering and calling each other names. They're like an old married couple, I swear.
BeverlyNeverly I think on a totally different topic... imma change my username to something like "MollyRingwald." Or "QueenBeeverly."
Username3 ILY BB
| BillsDenbrough @StanleyUris You love me, and that's a fact. Or at least Uranus does. ;)
Username4 ^^^ BAHAHAHAHA
MikeHanlon I sometimes contemplate why I'm friends with these people...
Username5 ^^ I ask myself that all the time when it comes to my own friends
Username6 ^^^
| StanleyUris @BillsDenbrough Stop making "Uranus" jokes. I know I'm bisexual, but I ain't interested in having sex with you, dickhead!
| BillsDenbrough @StanleyUris You keep telling  YOURSELF THAT even though YOU ARE LYING!
Username7 ^^ Using Stan's words against him!

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