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StanleyUris It's pretty cold.

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BillsDenbrough How's being on the planet Stanley Uranis?
Username1 ^^ Ahahaha
Username2 The bickering will begin
| StanleyUris @BillsDenbrough Fuck off! It's Stanley Uris, not Uranis. And you didn't even spell "Uranus" right, genius.
AngelicaR There's my bby! Lookin good bestie!
| EddiesMom @BillsDenbrough Ahahah! Stanley Uranis! Clever.
Username3 ^^ Here goes Richie.
AsthmaticBoy The curls are on point.
BeverlyNeverly You look good, child :)
| BillsDenbrough @StanleyUris I purposely spelt "Uranus" as "Uranis" cuz it's close to "Uris" then! :)
Username4 ILY BBY
Username5 Ur so cute

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