Right Through Me

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I walked out of Foster High on the last day of school, hoping I could avoid staying at football practice at all costs. My dad was the head football coach here, and was very successful at it. He had led the team to the State Semi-Finals three years in a row. I had come to love the sport, being around it all my life.

"Sienna! You have to stay here, okay? See you after practice!" Dad yelled at me.

"Seriously?! Why? Can't I just go home?!" I complained. I hated staying here. Most of the time, I sat on the couch waiting for Dad. I hated when the players walked slowly passed the door after practice hoping I would notice them. I noticed them... and their awful smell, that's for sure.

"Erica's working late tonight, Deacon has a night class, and I really don't think Harper or Addison could come get you," he said. Erica was my mother, of course she was working. She's always been a workaholic. Deacon was my older brother. He was 4 years older than me, a sophomore in college. I had forgotten the University's summer break came later. Harper and Addison were my little sisters who were at daycare. Harper was six and Addison was three, of course they couldn't get me.

"Fine, whatever," I mumbled to myself as he headed towards the field, and I made my way to the field house.

I walked in to the monsterous building. Every wall was painted navy, striped with orange. On at least one wall in each room, was the mighty Panther, our school mascot. I sat down on the leather sofa that was in the coaches office, pulled out my worn-down copy of Pride and Prejudice and layed back, waiting impatiently for practice to be over.

After 3 long hours of waiting, practice was finally over. Boy, was I glad it was! I ran out the door of the office, passing each of the hot, sweaty football players. I could feel their eyes on me as I made my way to the car,

"Hey, Sienna!!" I stopped dead in my tracks when I heard whose voice it was. Isaiah Thomas's. I had been in love with Isaiah, for as long as I could remember. He lived in the neighborhood beside mine, one was middle-class, the other was the "projects." I never had the courage to even start a conversation with him, though he talked to me often. I knew I wouldn't have a chance anyway. I was white, he assumed I was rich, snobby. He was black, star wide reciever, and was not afraid to speak his mind. His mother would never approve of me, my parents would think he was a bad influence.  

"Yes?" I said, in the sweetest voice I could come up with, hoping he would never realized that I liked him.

"Uhh, Coach wants me to take you home- if you want to and stuff," he explained.

"I guess, so, if you don't care..." I said, smiling in relief.

"Okay, just give me a second to get my bag and stuff," he said walking off.

"Okay..." I said softly.


Author's Note:

Thanks for taking the time to read this, guys! I really appriciate it! Next part will be up as soon as possible. Any good/bad comments and votes are suggested! Love you guys(:

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