Chapter 7

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Dear Emma,

Hello again to you. How are you? How are your friends and classmates?

I hope that you are still doing well after your last letter to me. I really enjoyed reading your letter. I carry it with me and read it during breaks from class. The edges have become a little worn, but the words are still readable. You have very nice handwriting. I do wish that you liked to write as much as me so that perhaps your letters might be several pages long like mine are. This is not a complaint. It is simply a request or a simple wish since every word you write to me I read and cherish in my heart. I am also happy that you do not mind my very long letters to you. Gus and Bud do not write letters even home to their parents. They do not make fun of me for writing you like some of the guys on the basketball team do. I do not mind for I love to read and to write. I especially like to write to you.

I will tell you that unfortunately I became busier than I thought I would be, and I just now had time to sit down and write something to you. In fact, there is so much happening for me now that this letter may not be quite as long as the rest of them have been. I hope you will not mind. I am sure that you will not since you are such a caring and gracious person.

We finished our mid-week exams. I am glad the exams are done, too. I almost did not pass my last Latin exam. I did well in the written part of the exam, but the oral part of the exam almost earned me a flunking grade. It is probably for the best that I do not pursue a degree in languages. That is a statement I keep hearing from my Latin Professor. The Professor calls me in once a week to tutor me a little so that I will pass his class. I believe that he would like to make sure that I do not return to his classroom again for a second go at the same course.

The Professor should not worry about my desire to retake his course. I have spent hours studying my Latin books and sounding out the syllables. I will keep at this to make sure that I at least pass his course. I have no desire to sit through any more of his Latin classes than I must.

As for pursing a degree in Latin or Romance languages, which are the two language degrees they offer, it is at the bottom of my list of choices for possible studies. I am only taking Latin because I must. I perhaps should have chosen something else for my language but it is too late now. I have started it and so I will finish the course. Perhaps, I will learn something as well.

I am glad to hear that your mid-week exams went well for you, especially Latin. Perhaps you can write me with some suggestions on how to do better in my Latin course.

I do have some good news. This is one reason why I am so late with this letter. The other reason is my Latin course troubles.

Now I move on to the good news. I have been given the role of Yakov in the Theatre Group's early spring production. It will only run for two weeks with a total of twelve shows: one on Thursday and Friday nights and two on Saturday and Sunday. One of the two shows on Saturday and Sundays will be a matinee beginning at two o'clock. The nighttime performances begin at eight o'clock p.m. I am very excited. I am allowed three free complimentary tickets for guests and of course one of them will be reserved for you. I know that you will probably not be able to attend since Raleigh is such a long way from Rock Hill, but I wanted you to know that I was thinking about you.

I have already learned all my lines. I only have five of them. I will be in three scenes more or less. Three of my lines take place like so: two lines are at one time, then I leave the stage, and then I come back again for the third line. All of this is very exciting to me.

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