XXIX. New Plan?

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Two days later...

Chapter Twenty-Nine

"Have there been any attacks since I've been healing?" I ask the room.

Bucky, Alex, Khari, T'Challa, Okoye, Shuri, Nakia, and Bruce all share a glance with one another, not saying a word.

Khari is the one to give in first, giving me a sympathetic look. "Four. Random, not with any messages. They're bigger, messier."

"She's angry," I think aloud, pinching the bridge of my nose. "She's doing this to try to lure me in again. She's using the people she murders to try to get to me."

"We have to stop her." T'Challa states.

"Well yeah," Alex says. "But how are we gonna do that?"

"By giving her exactly what she wants." I tell them.

"You're not giving yourself up again." Bucky says seriously.

I shake my head, leaning against Shuri's work counter and crossing my arms. "I don't mean that. When she had me captured, she revealed to me that she needed my blood for a cure. She wants to get rid of our her powers, so I say let's make a cure."

"If we do make it," Bruce begins. "How will we lure her into a trap to give it to her."

"She doesn't want me just out of necessity. She hates me. She blames me for what happened to her brother and that hatred drives her. If I make it known I'm going to be somewhere, she'll be there."

"I think we're all in agreement we're coming with you on this mission. The problem is that she'd be able to sense us all there though. She'd flee after getting within a mile of the location we pick." Alex points out.

"I could make something to solve that problem," Shuri suggests. "What if I make a temporary serum that will mask all of our scents. Then we can lure her into our trap."

"She probably won't take the cure we give her. She'll think we're trying to kill her. But even if she does, she'll probably try to kill you the moment she has what she wants." T'Challa points out.

"That's why we'll all be there; to make sure that doesn't happen." Okoye says firmly.

I shake my head. "I want you all close by, but you're going to let me deal with her. I'm going to reason with her, convince her to take the cure we make her. She won't hurt me. I'm going to help her find the peace she wants."

Bucky's jaw tightens. "She tortured you, she nearly killed you, and you still want to appeal to her humanity?"

I nod firmly. "This isn't like the other people we've faced before. As much as I don't like to admit it, she and I aren't that different. I could have easily ended up like her. You have no idea what it's like to have a fight in your mind and body between human and animal. She's been consumed by her animal side for so long that she has lost herself. She's desperate and hurt and lost."

"The moment she comes into the trap, we're going to arrest her and force the serum into her blood stream. I'm not going to risk you getting hurt." Bucky states.

"No," Alex says. All of us turn our attention to him. I'm shocked to hear what he says next. "We have to give her a chance to cooperate. Soroya's right, none of you know how she feels. I know more than even she does. I wasn't in control of myself for sixteen years, and without my extra serum I could have lost myself too. There were days I felt like I had. In those days of being HYDRA's mutt, I would have done anything to get rid of my powers. Maybe even killed. Lets give her a chance."

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