XXIII. The Phone Call

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Chapter Twenty-Three

I fall onto the ground, finding it to be covered in blood. The blood gets on my hands, my pants, it seems to be climbing up me and staining me in crimson. I try to look for where the blood is coming from, but when I look around all I see are mirrors, like I'm in another dance studio. In the mirrors I see myself covered in blood like I'm Carrie. Before I know it, the glass shatters, flying towards me at lightning speeds.

Instead of hitting me, the glass surrounds me in a sort of bubble, propelling me forward into another room. In this room I'm sat down in a chair, opposite me is Thanos, who is smiling widely. I look around for the infinity stones but instead of on the gauntlet, they're floating in mid air, with both of us reaching out to grab them. I manage to grab onto the time stone, and it transports me to the 1940's.

I'm at a club, dancing to a song I don't recognize. A man's arms are around me, swinging me around. I look up and see Bucky smiling down at me, but instead of his normal steel blue eyes, his eyes are black, like charcoal.

"Bucky! Bucky it's me, it's Lena." I tell him, genuinely feeling afraid.

Bucky smiles at me, before his face goes blank, and his expression turns into nothing. "Who is Bucky?"

He wraps his metal hand around my neck, lifting me off my feet and strangling me. His clothes change from his army uniform to the uniform he wore when he was in HYDRA. Covering his mouth now is his mussle, the one he wore all the time when I was younger.

He throws me against the ground, making me fall through the floor. My back hits something hard, and I find myself sitting at the kitchen table in my old house. Mama is serving dinner to Papa, Alex, and me. She passes me a plate of potatoes, giving me a look of concern.

"Liebling, are you alright?" She asks me.

I shake my head. "Mama I'm scared."

She passes me another plate of food, shaking her head. "You're home now. There's no reason to be afraid."

I look on the plate, and on it is my tap shoes. I look towards Papa and Alex, but they just sit there eating their food silently. The tap shoes shoot up, wrapping their laces around my neck, trying to strangle me. I fall out of my chair, lying under the table and feeling the air slowly be crushed from out of me. I pull at the laces, finding they're snakes now. I rip them off me, trying to stand up and feeling my head hit something hard. I look up to see that what I hit is a ceiling.

I look around me, finding that I'm in a large dark room. It takes me a second to realize that I'm in the rubble of the Avengers compound, in the sewers where Clint and I ran away from Thanos's beasts. Chasing me this time however, isn't the beasts from the battle, but an army of lions; all growling at me, their claws reaching out towards me. I run as quickly as I possibly can from them, finding at the end of the sewers a young looking Steve waiting for me.

"Steve! We have to get out of here, they're going to get us!"

Steve shakes his head. "Oh Soroya, don't you know? This is all in your head."

I give him a confused look. "What do you mean?"

Steve smiles widely at me. "Open your eyes, Soroya. Wake up. Wake up."

My eyes fly open and I jerk on the table. I have a moment where I have no clue where I am. I slowly begin to register the binds still around my body, and the awful muscle and headache I get from having jolted awake. A wave of nausea rolls over me, and I have to squint my eyes from the blinding light from Analiese's computer. It's darker than it usually is in this lab, so I can at least tell it's at some point during the night.

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