XI. A Message For You

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Chapter Eleven

The chaos and commotion of New York City is at new heights. As Alex drives us around the city, I can see people frantically whispering to each other, starring at their phones in horror. Some are trying to get inside any building that will allow them in.

As Alex pulls the car to a stop, I begin to have a sinking feeling as to why everyone is scared. As soon as I get out of the car, I smell blood. I look back at Bucky, who already nods his head saying; "I'll be here if you need me."

I look to Alex, activating my suit. "Stay here with Bucky." I tell him, making my way out of the car and over towards what seems to be another office building. The police officers on the scene don't bother to ask for my identification or ask me to leave, they simply nod their heads to me as I walk by them. The chief of the eighty ninth precinct, Chief Anthony, approaches me solemnly. He is also a man I have worked with many times over the past five years.

He extends his hand out to me. "Ms. Roberts, I'm glad you're here."

I shake his hand back, dreading the answer to the question I'm about to ask. "Has there been a genocide?"

He nods his head, curiosity filling his eyes. "Yes, but it doesn't look like it was by a person it was—"

"By an animal? There was a similar attack in Hamburg, Germany the other day. Can I see it?"

The chief nods to me, escorting me through the police tape. I have never seen this building before in my life, which makes me wonder why this other shapeshifter picked this to be her next little show. She picked Papa's old office building the last time because it meant something to me. Why would she pick this building now?

My question is answered when the chief leads us around to the back of the building. A large graffiti art is painted here; it's half of my face and half of a tiger's face, with the words 'The Savage' written under.

I look down from the painting of me to find at least twenty dead bodies scattered around the alleyway. They look just like the last massacre, with clear animal bites and tears. I feel my anger boiling, knowing that this woman is killing innocent people because of me, and I have no way of finding her.

But it's clear she wants me to find her because of what she said in the graveyard. And perhaps now she wants to give me some of the answers I have been asking for. This time alone with the bodies there is a message for me.

'The Savage' has been crossed out with blood, and written under it instead is another name; Julian Remington. This name is written in fresh blood; like in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. By the smell of it, this massacre happened maybe a few hours ago.

"Does this name mean anything to you?" The chief asks me.

I nod my head, feeling my heart beat rapidly in my chest. "Yes...yes it does. And I promise you, I'll find out what this all means."

The chief nods, letting out a sigh as he stares at the painting of my face. "The New York City police force will always be of assistance to you, Ms. Roberts. You just say the word."

I place my hand on his shoulder. "Thank you, sir. Please let me know if more information comes up. Be on the look out for a woman in her thirties, brown skin and hair. She's the reason these attacks are happening, she has shape shifting abilities. She's dangerous."

He nods to me, repeating what I just said into his walkie-talkie. I stare at Julian's name for a long time, wondering why this woman knows him. Why is Julian significant? If she wants me to figure out what she wants, then how does my friend come into play?

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