V. A Sore Loser

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Chapter Five

"No, I still don't know who it was," Lena says into her phone. I still haven't gotten used to cellphones, especially all the things you can do on them. "They stole one of my shirts too. The pink blouse."

The person on the other line says something and it makes Lena smile. "Thank you, I thought it looked nice on me too. But some psycho is probably mounting it on their wall right now."

The person says something else, making Lena let out a small chuckle. "You are welcome to search the black market for it. Listen, I'm about to go through the barrier so I gotta go. I promise I'll send you all the pictures later. Alright bye." She says, clicking the end call button.

"Who was that?" I ask. She and I are sitting in the passenger area of the ship, with Alex and Khari in the pilot seats.

She leans her head against my shoulder. "Just Scott. He wanted to know how the trip went so I told him what happened. He wants to use his criminal connections to find my shirt in the black market."

"Is that where psychopaths sell things like that?"

"According to him, yes. I dealt with some people in the black market during my HYDRA days. There are some pretty sketchy people there. It was sweet of him to offer to look though."

"When did you and Scott Lang become friends?"

"About a month ago. He was the reason we were able to get you back, so I owe him a great deal. He's also an amazing guy. I think you'd like him if you got to know him. As well as the other Avengers."

I nod to her, still feeling very uncomfortable knowing how close she is with all of them. "Perhaps."

She links her fingers with mine, letting out a small sigh. "Not everyone is out to get you you know. Especially them."

I glance at our hands, bringing them up to kiss the back of her hand. "It will take me a while before I believe that."

Khari announces that we have made it to the barrier. I start to relax once we get into Wakanda. It's the only place I relatively feel safe, where I don't constantly worry about Lena and Alex's safety. I can see how safe they feel here as well; they look at this place like it's home.

As we begin to land, I see that there is a greeting party waiting for us. Lena's eyes light up the moment she registers who is standing in front of the palace for us. She's the first to rush off the ship. Waiting to greet us are T'Challa, Okoye, Shuri, M'Baku, and a woman I don't recognize. Lena certainly does though.

She launches herself into the woman's arms, and they hug each other fiercely. I see how happy and relieved this woman looks as she embraces Lena. As she pulls back, I can see the same emotions in Lena's face.

"Nakia! God I have missed you. You were on a mission in Kenya during the battle here and-and then I couldn't find you after Thanos." She says, sort of breathless and full of shock and happiness.

Nakia nods. "I know, I know. I got dusted with everyone else. But I'm here now, and Bast knows I've missed you, too." She says, embracing Lena again.

When the two pull away, Lena looks back at me, smiling widely. "Nakia, this is Bucky Barnes. Liebchen, this is Nakia. She's a very good friend of mine."

Nakia smiles at me, clearly knowing exactly who I am. I hold out my hand to her, shaking it gently. "It's a pleasure, ma'am." I tell her, this makes her smile grow.

Lena hugs T'Challa and Shuri next. I can see how how happy she is having both of them back. Especially Shuri. Khari greets M'Baku with their unusual grunt and chant. I feel an arm wrap around my shoulders, and I turn my head to see Alex smiling at Nakia.

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