The story that Inspired Five Nights at Freddy's

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Through my extensive research, I found one thing that sent chills down my spine. The recently popular game, Five Nights at Freddy's, was based on a true story. I thought that this story should be told in order for you to better understand the game and my story. Im going to be quick and dry with this, and if you want more details, I suggest you go find, "The Game Theorists" on youtube and search for his "Five Nights at Freddy's" video. He goes in deep and is amazing with theories. Now I dont own the game, channel, or the theory. Enjoy!


Back in the 1980's, there was a Chucky Cheese's in a location unknown. There was 4 employees that stayed late to do their jobs and stuff. Their boss was there too, in the office. So that meant that there was five people in there. Wrong. Little did they know, that hiding in the bathroom was a former employee waiting for closing time. (His name is unknown to me). The man was armed with a small hand gun, waiting to get his revenge on the person who fired him. The man emerged from the room and killed every person who was in his way. He even killed the boss. But one employee survived and was able to tell the tale. Let me remind you that this story is true. Now to the theory! Theory is, that each fnaf animatronics' is based on each of the employees. I have no idea if the boss represents an animatronic. (I am sorry if I get some facts wrong...)

Now I will tell you the sad story/theory that takes place in-game. The story is told through the game play. When you are playing, news paper clippings appear randomly on the walls telling the sad story of fnaf. This is not real, this is just a part of the game. The clippings tell how a man dressed in one of the animatronic costumes that had no exo-skeleton in it (I think he used Golden Freddy's costume, but its just a thought... and if you dont know who golden freddy is, I will explain him in a different chapter.). Anyways, this man lures these 4 kids to a back room with this costume and kills them all. And now this next part makes sooo much sense! The man stuffed these dead kids into the animatronic animals! (Ewww, gruesome.) This explains the kid noises and laughter coming from the suits. This also explains the, "Bite of 87'". Incase you have no idea what the bite of 87 is, the phone guy explains it on one of the nights. It refers to a day in 1987 at Freddy Fazbear's pizza. A little girl/boy walks up to the Foxy the Pirate animatronic. He/she repeatedly makes fun of the fox and laughs at it. Soon enough, the fox bends down and bites the kids face. The phone guy then says, "surprising how a kid can live without a frontal lobe" so the kid lived. Then you have your major theorists that have to add onto this. They say that the bite was not Foxy's fault and it was the doing of the other animatronics. So Foxy's "Pirate Cove" was shut down and was labeled as, "Out of Order".

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