Carl's Message. Chp 1 My wish.

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Carl's Message

By Sarastar.

For Nadia, Rochelle, Tilly and Anni. LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chpt 1: My wish.

“What do I do now?” I asked my friend Casey.

“I'm not sure this is tricky.” She said back to me.

“My mum is going to kill me.” I said.

Let me explain what is happening here. My name is Taylah Silver and I just found out that I failed my maths test, typical. It's not my fault, I am just a year 9 girl who sucks at maths. So what it's never been my strong point just like dating. I am 15 and have brown hair and blue eyes, I have a strong and kind personality but I can be a bit naive when it comes to people especially boys. My body is tall but strong. I spend months trying to get a guy but then I figure out that they already have girlfriends. I don't have a boyfriend yet but I do have 3 best friends called Casey, Sam and Michele. My life at Southern-Heights High school is pretty average compared to other people. But now back to class.

“ Oh my gosh can't I at least get 60% in a test.” I complained.

“I mean I studied for a week before the test.” I continued.

“Don't worry Taylah you just need tutoring.” Sam said.

“Yeah I know. I am meeting Michele after school so...”

Before I could continue the bell rang for the end of the last period.

“Have a good weekend students and miss Silver could you please come see me.” Said our teacher.

“Shit” I whispered and made my way to his brown wooden desk. It was one of cheap desks the government gives to the High Schools.

“Sit” He said gesturing to a seat in front of him. He opened his laptop and clicked open a few links before speaking.

“I assume you know why you have been called here?” He asked me.

I nodded my head three times. “Yes I believe I do sir.” I said.

“You promised me that you would try harder in this test.”

“I know sir I really did try.” I said.

“Taylah your results are always the same, way below the expected mark. I am very disappointed.”

I gulped and felt my palms sweating like crazy. The way he was speaking really freaked me out.

“I am sorry sir, I studied for a week but for some reason I just... don't... get it.” I chocked out.

I seriously was telling the truth, I didn't know how to do it. My parents couldn't help me, my mum always worked and my dad died from Cancer four years ago.

“Look Taylah the only thing I can suggest is tutoring.” He said.

“But sir... I can't afford it.” I said.

He let out a long annoyed sigh and ten rubbed his almost bald head.

“Try looking on the Internet to figure out your mistakes and what you don't understand. Also just come to me at lunch if you need help.”

I smiled. “Thanks sir.” I said.

“Oh your welcome, anything to get away from the other teachers boasting about their University degree.” He said.

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