Carls Message. Chpt 2 the accident

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Chpt 2: The Accident.

For Anni, Thanks for everything.

“Hey thanks for the milk-shakes, they really hit the spot.” I thanked Michele.

“Nah you're welcome, anything for my best friend.” He said hugging me.

“Ok, Michele, can't breathe.” I coughed out through little air.

Michele walked me home and then left for his own house. I made my way up the stairs giving up on trying to get a boyfriend. When I opened the door I saw my mum at the table eating her dinner. She said hello to me and gave me a hug. Then she dropped some bad news on me.

“Listen sweetheart I'm going to have to work tomorrow so if you want you can head over to a friends house.” She said.

“Yeah ok sure thing mom.” I said.

She stretched her arms and let out a huge yawn, I knew she must be tired I mean she starts work at 5 and finishes work at 6. Long day for her, I fell really sorry for her all the time.

“Taylah sweetie I think I'm going to bed.” She said.

“But it's only 8.” I protested. I wanted to spend some time with her.

“ I know honey but I'm really tired. You can stay up if you like.” She offered.

“Ok mom, goodnight.” I said.

I watched her walk up the stairs and into her bedroom where she shut her door leaving me alone with the silence.

I walked to the kitchen and poured myself a glass of water. Life here was pretty boring for me, I liked school but sometimes I just didn't want to go. Hmm thank god its the weekend tomorrow or I would of died in school. I got my glass and made my way to the TV to watch what was left of top gear.

I stretched my arms above my head and yawed, I was getting tired now and it was 9.30. I watched a little bit of a movie. I grabbed the remote and switched the TV off. I yawned again and made my way up to my bedroom. I got changed into my jamies and turned the light off to sleep. Then near the morning I had a dream.

So where do you want to go?” A boy in my dream asked me.

Um, I'm not sure. How about uptown.” I said.

Sure thing.” He said putting his arm around me a kissing me on the cheek.

I turned for a little bit thinking how wonderful this dream was.

Oh wow look at that sun.” He said pointing to the sky.

Yeah it's beautiful.”I added.

You're an amazing girl Taylah.” He said.

Thanks, and you're an amazing guy.

Then he lent forward and kissed me. HEVEAN.

Then I was awoken by the sound of my alarm going off. It was Saturday so I didn't have to get up till noon. I cussed under my breath about not remembering to switch it off the night before. I rubbed my eyes and checked the time. 6. I groaned and pulled the covers back up to my chin refusing to get up, however my body was awake and now wanted to get up. I couldn't get back to sleep anyway so I got up, had a shower and got changed into some denim shorts and a black singlet. I also got out and over-size jumper that made me look like a guy from behind. It was an XL but I got it for a special at Jayjays. I looked at myself in the mirror and sighed, I picked up my brush and did my hair, it was naturally straight so all I had to do is brush it and wait for it to dry. LUCKY ME.

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