Chapter-2:Family Reaction

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“I am making it easier for you. You wouldn’t break up with me because you’d feel guilty so I am doing it for you. You can leave,” Sanskar  replied.

“Are you  kidding me?” Swara  exclaimed angrily.

It was usually Sanskar  screaming in their relationship but right now, she was pissed off.

“You heard the diagnosis, Swara, I am nuts,”

“Do you really think so low of me to think that I’d leave you because of something that’s not your fault?” Swara  looked at him incredulously.

“I am not going anywhere, Sanskar, I love you just like I did two hours ago.”

“But you heard the doctor, I can’t control myself, I could even  hurt you!” Sanskar  yelled back, tears pooling in his eyes.

“I don’t  care what the doctor said. He doesn’t know you but I do. I know you’d never hurt me, Sankuu,” Swara  came over to her boyfriend and grabbed his hands.

Sanskar  flopped down on a couch while the she stayed on her feet.

“You don’t know that. I can just snap and hurt you and I’d never forgive myself. You are the last person I’d want to hurt,” Sanskar  said quietly.

“You won’t, baby,” Swara  caressed his hair: “I love you, we are in this together and we will deal with it. You are stuck with me forever, mister.”

Sanskar  broke down. A loud sob ripped through his chest and he started crying.

Swara  pulled him to herself  by his shoulders so Sanskar  buried his head in her stomach and wrapped arms around her waist.

“It will be okay, sankuu, I’m not going anywhere,” Swara  whispered and kept whispering reassurances until the he calmed down.

Couple of days later, Sanskar  met with his Parents. Laksh  his older brother.

Swara  offered to go with him but he wanted to do it alone.

He broke the news to them, explaining what the doctor told him and he waited for the others to react somehow.

He was expecting disgusted faces and he wouldn’t blame them. Swara  wasn’t the only receiver of his outbursts, all of them experienced them at least once too.

Laksh didn’t talk to him for two weeks once because he said some fucked up shit to him.

“Well, that explains everything. You are my Son and I  know you are a nice guy, Sanskar,that doesn’t change anything," His mother  was the first one to speak, giving the youngest a tight hug and kissed him on his forehead with teary eyes.

“Yeah, Sanskar,it changes nothing, we still love you,It’s great that you got the diagnosis, you can at least do something about it now, right?" His dad said , patting Sanskar  on the back with a warm smile.

“Yeah, the doctor suggested some things,” Sanskar  nodded.

“That’s great, I am sure there is something that can be done about it and even if not, we are still here for you,” His dad hugged him too.

Sanskar  looked at his brother, who hasn’t said anything yet. He was a bit scared of his reaction, they had an amazing relationship and they’ve always been close but he was his older brother, he was still nervous.

Laksh finally looked at him with determined expression, as if he could read his worries: “You are my little brother, Sanskar. If you thought for a second that I’d turn my back on you, then you are dumber than I thought.”

Sanskar  let out a choked up laugh and happily accepted Laksh's tight embrace.

His eyes were filled with tears again, he had such amazing family and girlfriend, how did he get so lucky?

“What did Swara  say?” His mom asked carefully, not sure if she wasn’t bringing up some sore topic because she had no idea how Swara  received the news.

“I tried to break up with her,”

“You what?!” all of them yelled in unison.

“She told me not to be stupid, that we are in this together and that I am stuck with her forever,” Sanskar  smiled.

“Sometimes I think you don’t deserve her,” Laksh  rolled his eyes: “No, I am sure you don’t deserve her.”

“I know, I am really lucky,” Sanskar  nodded.

And after convincing Swara's family they got married.

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