luke brooks

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1.Luke plays the guitar

2.Luke says he looks up to Liam Payne

3.Luke hangs out with jai at school

4.Luke gets teased by the boys for taking selfies

5.Luke has never gone over seas

6.Luke doesn't like swearing much

7.A fan sent luke a angry birds hat

8.Luke has a fear of crossing roads

9.If luke had a chose to live any were it would be Hawaii

10.Luke likes a girl that doesn't sware every second word

11.Luke has a glass of milk befor he goes to bed

12.If luke could be an animal he would be a bird

13.Luke hates spiders but would never kill a living thing’

14.luke is right handed

15.luke birthday is the 3rd of may

16.lukes favourite colour is blue

17.lukes full name is LUKE ANTHONY MARK BROOKS

18.luke hates girls that are up them selves

19.luke is older the jai by 2 minutes

20.luke likes girls that were perfume

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