jai brooks

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1.Jais left handed and write footed

2.Jais scared of ghosts

3.Jai would rather a girl in jeans then short shorts

4.Jais favourite colours are red and black                      

5.Jais favourite singer is Justin bieber

6.Jais favourite movie is step brothers

7.Jai subscribes to luke on face book

8.Jai hate being a twin

9.Jais celebrity crush is selena Gomez or Vanessa hudgens

10.if jai had 3 wishes he would wish to stay young for ever, go to space and sing better

11.Jai struggles to tell him and luke apart when they were little

12.Jai is very coemptive and doesn't like losing

13.Jai had his first crush in kinda garden

14.jais birthday is the 3rd of may

15.jai play Eugene smith in a day of a dysfunctional family

16.jais left handed

17.jas fear is leving school

18.jai dosnt believe his famous

19.jai still dosnt no how to click hi fingers

20.jai is really good at drawing

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