Sheriffs Reward

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Snow lay on the sofa in her apartment, her eyes red from crying. It had been 2 months now and she had been counting the days since it happened. She hadn't been herself since it happened.

All it took was one normal day.
A day that she would never forget and even now it was always in her mind, never changing. Staying crystal clear in her hurtful mind.

The day it all went downhill...

-2 and 1/2 months ago-

"What the fuck are you doing here!?" Bigby shouted as his eyes grew wide.
He quickly stood to his feet narrowing his eyes at the one man that made his blood boil.

North. His father.

"What do you mean? Can't your father come visit?" North laughed shutting the door behind him.

"No. He can't, now get out of here!" Bigby growled pointing to the door.

"Why do you always get so angry when you see me son?"

"You really want to know that? are you that stupid to not even realise?" he said walking around his desk, slowly up to his father.

"You left my mother to die, treated me like shit!-"

"For the record Gaffer, son, I never recall treating you, as you like to put it, shit. And may I remind you that's not a very appropriate way to talk to your father" North said knitting his frosty brows at Bigby as he approached him, "and second your mother-"

"Was abandoned? heartbroken? left to die? Or all the above cause I sure as hell would put it that way!" Bigby was more than pissed remembering how badly his mother was when his 'father of the year' left her to die and rot like a piece of trash thrown away, useless.

"Gaffer, can't you not let the past stay as the past. Yes, Winter died but I left for the right reasons"

"Which were?" Bigby asked crossing his arms.

"Well, for one-"

He was cut off when Bigbys office door slowly opened, "Bigby what are you shouting about-oh... Oh, hello, who might you be?" Snow emerged behind the door looking oddly at the tall, white haired, broad man that stood before her.

"My name is North dear, and I'm just here on a 'friendly' visit, to discuss some issues with my son, who apparently is in a cranky mode I would assume"

"Oh I'm a little more than cranky" Bigby mumbled under his breath, but his father heard him, looking back at Bigby, shaking his head.

"Oh, okay then. It's nice to meet you but I just wanted to talk to the sheriff for a moment-"

"Well I'm sure it can wait, I have to tell him something rather more important than whatever you need him for" North smirked turning his back to her.

"Excuse me. I'm sure the issues of Fabletown business is just as important as whatever you have to say!" Snow hissed through her teeth, crossing her arms and looking deadly at the man chuckling at her.

"Oh dear, I'm sure it can wait-"

"I'm going with Snow, father, and I'm sure whatever bullshit you have, can wait" Bigby growled pushing past his father and nodding Snow to follow him.

Snow bitterly glanced at Bigbys father and slammed the office door behind her, irritated at the rudeness of the man standing alone in the stuffy office.

"Sorry about that Snow. My father has always been an ass" Bigby said, gritting his teeth and looking back at his office door.

"Clearly..." Snow mumbled under her breath walking toward her office, "Bigby we need to discuss something in my office."

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