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It's a rainy night
She closed the stove to answer the call on the door.

She opened the door
To find him drenched in water....
Looking too exhausted

Andar aiye"
She hold his hand to take him in.

And ask him to change and dry himself.

He removed his shirt and hung it on hook to dry.
She came with a towel.

And helped him to wipe his hairs.

He sat on down in front of the fire to get some warmth.

It has been a year
She is divorced.
He tried his best to stay away from her life
But a river has to flow in it's ocean
She is the answer of his life
She is the only thing that matters.

But though he realized this
Still his work and the trap of his fate never allowed him to move on with her.
His uncertainty of life
And a fear that he might put Naina in danger kept him to keep this distance from her

But now atleast no one can stop him to love her.

She got up to bring his clothes from cupboard
She keeps a set or two for days like this when he shows up suddenly....

He stopped her holding her wrist
His eyes asking her to comfort him
She sat on his lap
To kiss hug him

She kissed his forehead and eyes
He engulfed her in his arrest very tight.

They made love
Hard and passionate


She got up from the floor to wear her clothes back.....
He lay still watching her getting dressed
As he wore back his own pant she tied her hairs

He lay on her lap
As she sat resting her back against the sofa

He caged her hand in between his palms....
Feeling the warmth of her hands.

"Kabhi kabhi Dil karta hai
Ke Sab kuch chod ke bas humesha ke liye tumhare pas reh jaun....
Kash koi subah aisi aye
Jab mujhe tumhari bahen khud par se hata Kar tumhe chod ke Jana na pade....

Der Tak tumhe sote hue dekhun"

He raise his eyelids to see tears in her eyes....

He raised his hand and wiped off the tears....from her eyes itself.

"Pata hai
Maine kuch din pehle ek sapna dekha"
He said

She smiled softly

She showed her interest.

"That we are married
Aur hum jhagad rahe Hain....
Kyunki tumhe humare bedroom mein koi aur painting lagani thi ... Aur mujhe koi aur.....

She gave a laugh

"Phir "
She asked

"Alarm baj gayi sapna toot Gaya...."
He said making a sad face

"Subah ka sapna tha
phir to pure hone ke chances zyada hai"
She said ruffling his hairs

And his smile faded away

"Pata nahi
Mera to koi sapna kabhi pura nahi hota"
He said with depressed voice...

"Tumhe mujhse pyar nahi karna chahiye tha....Naina.....
Meri Zindagi ka andhera ab tumhari Zindagi mein bhi agaya.....
Maine tumhe bhi apne sath is chakravyu mein phasa liya"

"Ap agar is tarah ki batein karoge
To mujhe bat hi nahi karni apse"
She said swaying her head away

And he smiled at her temperament

"Tumne kabhi nahi socha?
Ke agar hum kuch aur halaton mein mile hote to kaisa hota...
Ek normal couple ki tarah

Pyar mein padte
date karte....
Phir main tumhe shadi ke liye proposal deta.....

We would have got married
Kisi honeymoon destination pe jate
Social media pe pics upload karte...

Sham ko tumhara phone ata.....
Ke Ghar ate hue ... Aloo tamatar le ana"

She laughed with all her heart out

"Aloo tamatar.... Seriously"
He laughed too....

"Har bar tumhari periods ki dates miss hone par hum excited hote
Phir finally ek din
Tum mujhe pregnancy ki news deti.

Phir main tumhara bohot bohot dhyaan rakhta....

Bachche ka Nam kya rakhenge
Ispe hum sath mein research karte..."

"Aise aur na Jane kitne sare chote chote lamhe Hain......
Jo main tumhare sath jeena chahta hun...."

She was again in tears .....
And he was breathing his tears back

"Jab ankhen band karta hun
To aise kitne hi sapne Hain Jo main raat bhar dekhta hun
Par ankhen khulte hi
Bas andhera
Gehra andhera.....
Bohot ghutan hoti hain Naina
Main saans nahi le pata hun...."

He was in tears and she filled him in her arms....

"Mujhe is andhere see ab dar lagne laga hai Naina
Please mujhe yaha se Bahar nikalo."

He weeped.
And she console him with all her might.....

The black darkness in their life has engulfed every colour.
But no matter how dark it is
They know that they will never leave eachothers sides....

A small lamp of their love is enough to fight the darkness.

She believes that one day
They will step out from this dark cave
Towards the light.

But for now
They need to hold eachothers hands very tight to pass this black road

They fell asleep in eachothers arms dreaming of a day where he will be free to love her and live with her

The morning rays penetrated the glass window
Disturbing her sleep

She open her eyes to see herself alone in the house.
He was gone again
Just like everytime.

The house was bright with sunlight

The end

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