Tamas (darkness)

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In a shiffon emerald green saree .
With backless golden blouse.
A loose bun and traditional jumka on ears .....
She is looking perfect to fit in this high profile family of Sarkaar's ....
Passing a smile now and then.

Trying to be a part of it
Talking with everyone.

"May I have the pleasure"
Came a voice and she turned to see
Major raghav standing there bowed in front of her with a smile asking her to dance.

For a sec her heart stopped beating as as a memory came storming to her heart.....
Mess ,she trying to learn steps ,when he had came.

She smiled to him and gave hands .
He escorted her to the floor.
And they started dancing ....
As he slides his hands on her waist

His smiling face came flashing again
When he had pulled her for dance
It was intimate yet decent.

She tried to shrug it off .....
But soon felt restless as she felt his fingers rubbing her bare back.... Sensually.
She saw him...
His eyes were showing his interest on her........ though it was not completely lusty....still

So opposite of what she use to see in his eyes.....

His eyes were always filled with love for her .
How she failed to understand them
And now it's too late

She shut her mind again.
Tired of this tug of war.
She is exhausted to fight with this approach avoidance conflicts.
To suppress his memories

"Excuse me ...
I need to go to washroom"

She said and escape from there ....
To breath
As everytime his memory haunts her...she feels suffocating.

Major raghav got busy with his guest when one of his friend came to him...

"Raghav ....
Tune to kaha tha ke Naina ki posting Delhi mein hogi...."

Raghav turned to him with a smile

"Han Delhi mein hi hai...."
He said .

And soon raghav's smile fade away....as he talked more with his friend.

His eyes now searching for her .

She is standing at the balcony when she saw huda leaving the party .

She rushed to him.

"Tu kaha jaa raha hai"
She asked

Huda turned and saw her with strict look.

"Kal early report karna hai"
He said in a dry voice

"Huda ruk na thodi der ...... Main akeli Kya karungi"
She said softly

"Akeli kyun
Major raghav hai na "
He said sarcastically

Naina lowered her eyes....
She know her friends are upset with her .
Everything changed
Everyone changed
After that day

"Huda please...."
She said with a pleading tone.

He realized he is being very rude and came down to talk softly

"Sach mein der ho gayi hai Naina
Drive bhi lambi hai ..
Aisa karte Hain...Kal lunch mein milte Hain"
He said and she smiled and noded feeling relief.

"Tu jayega kaise
Cab agayi"
She asked

"Nahi ud bahar wait Kar Raha hai"
He said

To which she smiled with all her heart

"Ud Aya hai...
Bataya kyun nahi.
Chal main bhi chalti hun Milne"
She was about to walk with her when.

Raghav sir is calling you"

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