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"There going to be here in ten minutes!" I shout, ruining around the house, making sure everything is tidy for Billie. I quickly run upstairs and check my appearance in the mirror. I'm wearing some blue jeans and a baggy black t shirt tucked in. As I quickly brush my long brown hair.  I hear the door bell go off and my mom answers it. And then I hear it, Billie's voice and my sister crying obviously.
I take a deep breath and walk down the stairs, to be greeted my a load of pairs of eyes.

"Hi I'm Lexi, it's nice to meet you all" I say to Billie's family. They all give me quick hugs but Billie is nowhere to be seen. My sister has probably abducted her. After a while of talking to her parents, a green haired girl enters the room with my sister following. billie.

"Hey you must be Lexi, I'm billie" she says, giving me a warm hug. It's true what they say, she actually does smell amazing. "Nice to meet you" I tell her and she smiles.

"I love your work by the way, it's so good" she tells me looking at some of the photos I've taken on the walls of my house. "Thank you so much" I reply. I look at Billie, she's wearing some bright green shorts and a bright green t shirt which reads "Billie". I love her style so much, I've never really been a a huge fan, not like my sister, however I love her style and her music.

"Your sister showed me her poster collection" Billie says laughing. I sign and shake my head
" sometimes those posters terrify me, I'll be walking past her room at night and her door is wide open and I just see your face staring at me" I tell her laughing, she laughs as well. "You better get used to it, you'll be seeing the real me all the time now, even when it's pitch black"  she says smiling. "How will I cope" I joke, and she playfully hits me on the arm.

"So Lexi, we do have a show here tonight but then we are going straight into the bus to another place, so your going to have to bring all your stuff today" Maggie tells me. I honestly didn't think I'd be leaving this soon after meeting them but it is what it is. "Ok, I'll go get my stuff packed then" I reply and turn to head upstairs. Billie stops me. "Do you need help?" She asks. "Yes please" I smile.

We both enter my room and Billie looks mesmerised. I get out a huge suitcase from under my bed and begin throwing clothes into it. "Hey Billie do you kind getting all my camera shit off my bed" I ask her kindly. "Yeah of course man" she replies and gets it all, putting it into my backpack.

"See you later guys" I say to my family as I head out the door. Finneas takes my suitcase for me and puts it in the bus. Billie has got my family down on the guest list tonight for the show so they can come with us. Billie shows me round the bus, pointing out everyone's beds. "This is your bed" she says point to the bunk opposite hers. I nod and place my backpack on it. "How is it sleeping on a bus?" I ask as we sit in the back room. Billie sits next to me and smiles. "It's pretty good actually, when your sleeping you get thrown around a bit if the bus is moving but other than that its cool" she tells me.

"Thank you for choosing me by the way, I really appreciate it" I tell billie as finneas walks in the room and goes on his laptop. "You deserve it, your photos are really amazing" Billie replies and finneas nods his head. "Oh bil, I finished the song, all the productions finished" finneas tells Billie, showing her something on his laptop. "Sick dude, play it" Billie replies. I look at them both confused whether I need to leave the room or not. Finneas presses play, I guess I'm allowed to stay then.
The song starts playing and begins with a heavy catchy beat. This is actually amazing, I've never heard anything like this from Billie.

"That's sick" Billie says, putting her hands on her face. "What do you think" she asks looking at me. "I love it, what's it called?" I question.
"Bury a friend".

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