Chapter 2

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Chase stood there, staring at her. She wished she could read his mind.

Della’s patience finally snapped. “Leave! If Burnett finds you, he’ll . . .” Then it occurred to her that Burnett should have already found him. The alarm would have gone off . Why wasn’t the camp leader already here giving Chase hell and interrogating him? Something was up.

Chase’s expression of confidence confirmed it. “He knows I’m here. I had a meeting with him.” Honesty deepened Chase’s voice.

She tried not to let her disappointment show, but her expression tightened. Was Burnett in cahoots with Chase again? Hadn’t he been just as pissed as she was when he’d packed up his shit and disappeared?

“When we were done, I asked to come to the falls. I told him I kept hearing it.” Chase shrugged. “Burnett’s only rule was to not go near your cabin, and I didn’t.” He shrugged, almost guiltily. “Not yet, anyway. But I probably would have before I left. I needed to see you. He can get furious at me if he wants.”

He took one step closer.

She took one step back. “Why were you meeting with Burnett?”

“The council sent me back.”

“Sent you about what?” she asked.

He didn’t answer.

Tired of playing games, she darted around him in a dead run, her only goal to get away from him— away from the temptation to lean against him, to find out what this bonding really meant. Or if it meant nothing, she thought, wanting that to be true.

This time he didn’t follow. Good, she thought, ducking under tree limbs, moving fast. Th at’s what she wanted. So why didn’t she feel victorious? Why was she now hearing the falls louder? Was it the falls luring her? Or Chase?

They sent him about you. The words rang out.

She came to a sudden stop.

Where had the damn voice come from? She stood there, cutting her eyes east to west, then back again.

Did you hear me?

Th is time she knew the words hadn’t come from her left or her right. They had come from within her. She recalled hearing similar internal voices. Chan? But he’d crossed over, hadn’t he? She’d been sure of it. Or was he waiting until the FRU, Fallen Research Unit team— the FBI in charge of supernaturals— released his body and buried him.

You listening?

Yes, I am, Della answered, realizing the voice was female.

“Lorraine?” Della whispered the name of the murdered girl, the last spirit she’d heard in her head.

Yet hadn’t Holiday assured her that Lorraine had moved on, crossed over?

So who the hell was this?

Did Della have another ghost hanging around?

“Crap!” she muttered.

Did you hear me? the voice repeated, as if taunting her.

“I wish I didn’t.” Della’s heart thumped against her chest. She fought the panic swelling inside her. Inhaling, she tried to find a sense of calm. She’d done the ghost thing. First, communicating with Chan, then with Lorraine. It shouldn’t freak her out.

Who was she kidding? Communicating with spirits was a rare talent, one that freaked out most supernaturals. And she was no different. Adrenaline chased goose bumps up and down her spine and then all the way down to her toes, which she curled in her boots.

The Vampire Council sent him about you, the voice repeated. Aren’t you curious?

For the first time, she really heard what the voice said. “What does the Vampire Council want with me?” She posed her question aloud. And just like that, her fear was replaced with . . .

Hell yeah, I’m curious. It had to be about her uncle, damn it!

She swung around and started back—fast. Moving at a dead run . . . but hoping the dead didn’t come with her.

The sound of her boots hitting the wet earth filled her ears and played like background music to the rush of the falls. As she neared, she saw Chase’s figure disappear behind the wall of water.

Or, at least she thought it was him. In reality, it could have been anyone.

She didn’t care. Curiosity and something else . . . something she couldn’t explain, propelled her forward.

Bonded. The word echoed in her heart as an explanation, but she refused to believe it.

She kept running, her feet splashing through the stream. Her face hit the curtain of water— cool, but not cold. It spilled over her face, down her shoulders, soaking her clothes. The second she got on the other side, she saw nothing. A cave- like darkness swallowed her. She blinked and waited for her eyes to adjust.

One second.


No light. Nothing. Even the sound of the falls had been yanked away.

Something wasn’t right.


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