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Eternal by CC_Hunter
Eternalby C.C. Hunter
Just when Della feels like she’s starting to figure out her life, she finds herself reborn…and her new existence comes with a whole different rulebook. Della's secret po...
the Shadow Falls files  by ShadowFallsOffical
the Shadow Falls files by ShadowFallsOffical
ATTENTION: all content in these files are CONFENDENTAL ONLY. and are not to be shared with athority as they will deny anything you are to say or ask. READ AT YOUR OWN RI...
Reborn by CC_Hunter
Rebornby C.C. Hunter
Enter Shadow Falls: After Dark and meet a vampire named Della, who’s about to discover what her own story is meant to be. . . . Della had the perfect life—the family, a...
Shadows in the Darkness (Afterlife) by StarryKnight17
Shadows in the Darkness (Afterlife)by StarryKnight17
Do you remember Kylie Galen? Lucas Parker perhaps? Weather or not you remember them, this is the story about there child. Essence Parker isn't an ordinary Human, nor is...
Call to Valhalla by Legacy2105
Call to Valhallaby Legacy2105
A timeless place where only certain people arrive. Only certain people chosen to protect it. What is this place? Valhalla. The one place where the Goddess Etro stays. As...
Forgiven From The Start by ShadowFalls123
Forgiven From The Startby ShadowFalls123
Meet the anti-social Hayley, a twin sister to the charismatic Bailey and daughter of a brave savior, Kylie Parker. Unlike her mom, Hayley didn't mind being shipped of to...
Wattpad Exclusive! Spellbinder Prequel Chapter by CC_Hunter
Wattpad Exclusive! Spellbinder C.C. Hunter
Howdy Fans, I thought I’d give you a little prequel to Spellbinder, Miranda’s story that releases June 30th. Miranda was so much fun to write, and her story with Perry...
Raised at Twilight by Seasons828
Raised at Twilightby Seasons828
Abby Galen is none other than the one and only daughter of Kylie Galen- her father some werewolf Kylie had dated for a short period and wasn't talked about. Now though A...
Shadow falls: Kylie and Lucas  by four4tris610
Shadow falls: Kylie and Lucas by four4tris610
This is a fanfiction from Shadow Falls series by C. C. Hunter. All credits go to her! ---------------------------------------------------------- Kylie Galen grew up wit...
yes alpha by oreohoe
yes alphaby baby
avery and her parents move to a new pack and avery finds her mate. sadly, her mate has been bonded to his long time girlfriend. she ventures out of pack territory and fi...
Prisoner at Daybreak: A Shadow Falls Novel by TheBookworm913
Prisoner at Daybreak: A Shadow Lauren
At the young age of twelve Meredith Arthur, a chameleon, was kidnapped by the FRU to study her species. For years she has undergone hundreds tests and surgeries by nume...
Last Assassin by BeYourselfDontHate
Last Assassinby JC
Jade is the last chameleon-vampire of the Royal line after her family was killed. Paying off the price to her freedom from the man that killed her family, she becomes hi...
Zombieland by _book_geek
Zombielandby Train
You know how people were like "zombies don't exist?" That's a load of crap. Meet Mazz Hileper. She's a part time sister, full time zombie slayer. There are...
The Moon And The Stars by SophieKaitlyn
The Moon And The Starsby SophieKaitlyn
All her life, Kaylee was known that she is a supernatural. Her mum runs a boarding school for supernaturals where Kaylee will live, learn and love, lose old friendships...
Shadows Of Love (shadow falls): The beginning  by _ZachStar01_
Shadows Of Love (shadow falls): xZachSx
Lucas is a good kid. Smartest in his classes,fastest kid at the school and above all, the hottest. All the girls love him...but he has a secret; he's gay. He isn't attra...
shadow falls the beginning  by Harleyquinzelen112
shadow falls the beginning by Harleyquinzelen112
so I haven't been able to find any shadow falls books on here so I'm gonna write the books on here also feel free to vote and comment and if you have advise or tips com...
Camp Shadow Falls by _megan_reader
Camp Shadow Fallsby _megan_reader
Meet Kim Celt. She is an average girl but she makes bad choices now and then. Because of that her mother made her go to summer camp Shadow Falls. Everyone there is.... O...