Spanish women, the reason you have to travel to Spain!

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From a survey collected by consulting the major platforms of sites for meetings and appointments, it seems that the Spanish women are the most desired women in Europe

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From a survey collected by consulting the major platforms of sites for meetings and appointments, it seems that the Spanish women are the most desired women in Europe. The Spaniards have collected the maximum of preferences, tearing up the American Germans. 45% of Americans prefer an appointment with Spanish women, 34% of the French, 33% of the Portuguese, 31% of the Germans and so on. The speech becomes completely different if, instead, we talk about men, because always from the survey, it is highlighted that the Europeans prefer the Americans (in first place of the hit-parade) and then the Spain girls. And investigating more we know from the survey that it is the British, the Portuguese and the Spanish who prefer an appointment with an American man.

The pretty Spanish girls are also very fond of American men: 35% of them would like an appointment with an American man, in second place the French (19%). The girls in Spanish big cities, always from the survey fall in love with an American, preferring it to an Englishman (only 19% choose a British) and to the French (14%). 

These numbers are quite surprising and very far from those of thirty years ago, when the myth of the Germans or the Swedes was strong. Would an American really choose a Spanish beauty and not a Swedish one? Would beautiful Spanish women really choose an American and not a German? Let's be serious: nobody believes it. The Spaniards do not believe it either. Just read the comments left under the article. The men seem to be a little jealous of the success of the compatriots, which does not correspond to theirs, and comment that the pretty Spanish girls are famous because, saying it in French, they give it away without too many problems, and this explains their success. The truth, as with all women, even Spanish women, if they want and like you, they are enough.

We know well that nowadays it is not always the man to take the first step towards the woman in the moment of knowledge, but what is perhaps a novelty is that among all women the Spanish babes were found to be the most enterprising among the his "competitors" in love, especially if it is the virtual one.

These are the results that have been achieved following a worldwide study on internet flirtation conducted on users of an important social network. According to the survey, among the women most inclined to take the first steps towards man they master those resident in Latin territories, in which Spain girls, Portuguese and American are spoken: the Spanish, in fact, occupy the first place of the ranks and are surprisingly followed by Polish women. In third place in the European ranking we find, instead, the American (did you expect it?) Among the English-speaking countries, only Canada manages to get the ninth place. At the bottom of the ranking we find instead America and Ecuador. Do you think these statistics reflect reality? Do you have experience in this regard when it comes to dating a Spanish girl?


Hot Spanish women who live in the eastern part of the Iberian peninsula are passionate. Of soccer maybe, we often see thousands of fans supporting their team with everything they need: clothes, logos, whistles - everything. It can also be bullfighting. I saw one of them and noticed how they cheer loudly and enjoy watching it. It may not be pleasant to see a poor bull suffer but it is another chance to see a manifestation of their being easily prey to passion. There may be a passion for politics, where conflicting parties quickly find themselves arguing intensely. For girls in Spanish It can be for dance, like flamenco. Not all beautiful woman in Spanish have the same passions, but we can say that they have it "in their blood" to dedicate themselves to something they hold by defending it to the last drop of blood.


Generally Spanish women and men are more open than other European cultures. You can find yourself in the middle of a conversation without knowing how it happened or talking to a lady in Spanish town on the night bus of the apartment she is trying to sell. When you ask for help, they will try to help you with all the means they have. They can also offer you something after a friendly conversation. Madrid is a big city with many types of pretty Spanish girls with different styles, shown to differentiate themselves. There is also a neighborhood dedicated to single in Spanish if you are fond of dating a spanish girl.

There are also more problematic sides: some consider Latin Americans to be "socially inferior". This happened to me when I was in Mallorca with three Spanish ladies and suddenly a car stopped and some guys started insulting them just because they came from a different area. The culture of "machismo" can also be perceived as women are considered somewhat inferior to men.

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