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prompt: daichi is at a game and he sees someone with a familiar jacket, but it isn't who he thinks!
i really tried to make my writing better with this chapter so let's hope it's good

Karasuno won the second set, finalizing the game. It was only a practice match, so it wasn't anything huge, but since it was at a local gymnasium, multiple people decided to stay and watch.

However, before the game had started, once Karasuno arrived, Daichi saw something a little too familiar. A jacket, to be specific. Someone was wearing a jacket the same as an ex of his.

Maybe they knew he would be there? Maybe they wanted to watch him play and then beg for him back? Daichi decided to try to keep those thoughts out of his mind during the game.

Key word, try.

He thought if he could beat the opposing team, his ex would celebrate him and come back into his life. It wasn't that Daichi was necessarily missing them tons or that he desperately wanted them back, it was just that they left such an empty hole in his heart that he couldn't recover from quite fast enough.

To be honest, it hurt. Like hell. Heck, if you're Hinata, fuck if you're Tsukkishima. That was no doubt. Every morning Daichi expected to have them by his side, but the only thing there was an empty space.

It was decided, Daichi would speak to them once the match ended. And now that it had ended, he was beyond nervous. They were standing not too far from him, how would he go about things? With a good pat on the shoulder for good luck from Asahi and Sugawara, Daichi separated himself from the team as they dispersed into the seats to rest.

It felt as if Daichi's legs were moving on their own. Like he couldn't stop, but he found himself right behind them, reaching out for their shoulder. He lightly tapped it, already regretting his mistakes.

What would he say? Would they be mad with him for some reason? They ended on good terms.. Would they slap him?!

"I'm very sorry!" He sputtered out, a deep blush running across his cheeks. There was no response. Weird. Daichi opened his eyes cautiously, meeting eyes with someone completely unfamiliar.

"Ah.. Do I know you?" This wasn't his ex.. "Wait.." This was a stranger.. "You're the Karasuno captain!"

"I- Yeah! That's me." Daichi couldn't seem to put his finger on it, but something about you made him feel full. What happened to that hollow feeling in his heart?

"You guys were incredible today! Especially you, you're No. 1, right? I was watching basically the entire time!" You admitted, laughing at the embarrassment. "How long have you even been playing volleyball? The way you received those swoosh balls were crazy!"

Much like Hinata.. Daichi couldn't help but think to himself as he took the compliments with pride and embarrassment, mostly embarrassment. Had he really screwed up two different people based off of an article of clothing?

"But, you're sorry? For what?" Daichi's thoughts (admiring you) were cut off short by your confused question.

"Ah- well, it was a mistake, I swear!" In an attempt to avoid direct eye contact, Daichi leaned over to where he thought a wall was, but nearly tripped as he was falling down. "I thought you were someone I.. knew."

Your smile wavered for a moment, nodding understandingly. "That's alright, don't worry about it."

"B-But I'm glad I took the chance." Attempting flirting? Awful lessons from Tanaka and Nishinoya in between matches was no help. Daichi was already too far deep into this. He gave a teasing smile, dipping his head down a bit.

You laugh a bit too loudly, covering your face with your hands. In all honesty from Daichi? Absolutely adorable. The way your shoulders lifted with each laugh, the way your eyes shut tight to avoid any further embarrassment.

Daichi could hear the rest of the team from the seats, staring intently at the two of them. Particularly Tanaka and Nishinoya.

"Well- my team probably needs me but, are you sticking around any longer here?" He shot his shot. What was there to lose?

"Only if you are." You shot back.

Buckets. Nothing but net. Did Daichi actually play basketball and not volleyball with how effortless yet successful his shot was?

He smiled brightly, motioning you to join him and the team.

In the end, he had to awkwardly explain to the team who you were, and how it wasn't actually his ex. And he had to also explain very awkwardly why the team was staring so hardcore at you two.

Not only did Daichi earn confidence with winning the match, but also earned a brand new number in his phone by the time he left.

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